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Children's website for parents All children

is coloring, presentation for children!

Dear moms and dads, grandparents, and all those who are interested in the upbringing and development of children! We are pleased to introduce You to a children's website "All children", which provides useful information that will help you in raising children.

A new children's website

Models of airplanes from paper
Models of aircraft from the paper
Watch all the airplanes out of paper...
New pictures for learning English words
New pictures for learning English words
English for children...
New coloring
Coloring pages for kids
Watch all coloring...
ANIMATED diagrams origami for kids
Schemes of origami for children
Watch all schemes...
Learn to count to 10 together!
Learn to count to 10 together!
Watch all the materials...
New presentation for children

Watch the presentation...

For ease of use, the website for parents is divided into thematic sections, which provide information on various aspects of the birth, development and education of children. Also presents the author's coloring pages for kids, prepared by the designer of the website, "Your baby".

Expectant mothers will be useful in section "Pregnancy", which collected materials on prenatal development of the child, presents a calendar of pregnancy, published tasty recipes for expectant and nursing moms, and a lot of other not less useful and interesting information.

In the section "Your child" we systematized information on the physical development of children (from 0 to adulthood), contains materials about child health, nutrition, speech development, in short, everything you need to know any parents.

We all want that child to grow up not only healthy, but also talented. Turn abilities in the talents section will help You "Develop", which presents information on the methods of early development, as well as you can download books from famous authors on child development.

Leisure - here You will find the author's poems and tales, all kinds of children's coloring books, children's songs, lessons in sculpting from salt dough, as well as many other multimedia information.

In the section "help" contains information on modern medicines for children, in addition, You can find the reference right baby food.

The catalogue our customers include institutions of Russian cities, which are associated with birth, upbringing and development of the child - namely, medical facilities, leading to the observation of mothers during pregnancy, children's polyclinics, kindergartens, shops, children's creative centers and other recreational facilities.

The Bulletin Board is intended for purchasing or selling various baby things. Registration is not required, all that remains to do is to submit the announcement of the purchase/sale.

The forum was created for active moms and dads who want to discuss various topics related to the education of their children. Join us, it will be interesting!

Update child site occurs on a weekly basis, go for useful information on the development and education of Your children!

Children's website for parents: articles, coloring pages, activities, child development