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The website of the festival on 1 September: open classes and rulers, verses first-graders and teachers, preparing for school and fun games.

1 September is an important day in the life of each family, to which, of course, requires careful preparation. In this section of the site we have selected interesting materials (poems, songs, riddles, aphorisms, crafts for children), which will be useful to you in preparing and conducting the Day of knowledge.

Cards by September 1 Cards by September 1

Cards by September 1 of the designer of Your website rebenok!

Cards first grade Cards first grade

A selection of postcards for first graders.

Postcards graduate school Postcards graduate school

A selection of postcards for school leavers.

Poems graduate school Poems graduate school

The selection of poems for school leavers.

Poems by September 1 Poems about school by September 1

A selection of poems by different authors about the Day of knowledge.

Songs by September 1 Songs about the school by September 1

A selection of songs from famous authors by September 1. Popular songs of the Day of knowledge, known to all.

Poems about school supplies Poems about school supplies

Short poems about school supplies.

The multiplication table in the poems The multiplication table in verses

A poem about the multiplication table. The original verse will help your child faster and easier to memorize the multiplication table.

Cards for holiday September 1 first-graders, students, teachers Cards for holiday September 1 first-graders, students, teachers

Cards is a simple way to Express their feelings, experiences, wishes. If you are far away, print specially prepared for the holiday September 1, postcards, write everything that you want the student mail. This will not only appreciate it, but will retain the memory of that day.

Riddles about 1 September Riddles about September 1,

Planning a holiday for children September 1, make sure to plan time with riddles. Any holiday will be much more fun if to include it in this interesting point as solving riddles. The children can tune into the learning process.

Sayings about teaching Aphorisms about the doctrine

Aphorisms, Proverbs and sayings about knowledge, science and teaching.

Crafts by September 1 Crafts by September 1

In preparation for the September 1 need to consider many things: the theme of the first session with children, active movement, and class registration. We offer you a variety of crafts with the children the first of September. This will not only distract you and will interest children, but also help to draw attention to books and reading. Every curious child wants to make them bookmark went through all the pages of the new interesting books.

How to make a holiday to the child 1 September How to make a holiday to the child 1 September

To start with, that sense of celebration, of joy or feeling of insurmountable odds before school ask parents. Your attitude to school and your hopes are passed to the child. The main thing to remember is that the school is a new stage in the child's life, to enjoy it, though unknown, but full of new discoveries. Wait with the child of his first 1 September. Tell me about things that he learns about new friends, about her, which, of course, knows a lot and have a lot to teach the child.

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