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Calendar pregnancy / 13 week of pregnancy


Welcome to the second trimester! Congratulations - one a third of the way completed. If, contrary to expectations, the effects of toxicosis continue to annoy You, don't despair. Relief is not far away.

It's time to discuss another very pleasant surprise that It Majesty Pregnancy brings many women. Mean the constipation. They can appear just at this time. Although you can "honor" You with its presence before and after this period.

Causes of constipation include weakening of the peristaltic (remember it's the word?) activity of Your bowels. This means that food mass move it without much enthusiasm, linger and become dense.

Break peristalsis hormonal changes in Your body (referred to in this time!).

A defined contribution and a growing uterus. She leaves in the abdominal cavity fewer places for bowel. Although, in fairness, it should notice that the size of the uterus especially contribute to constipation is not now, and in the later stages of pregnancy.

Constipation does not promise future mother any good. Moreover, it the unpleasant phenomenon itself, are also possible complications. The unpleasant of them is the so-called hemorrhoids.

This varicose veins of the rectum, shaped like a different size nodules (single or multiple, botryoidal).

Are hemorrhoids on the outside (in the anus) or inside (further in the course of the rectum).

Hemorrhoids occur during pregnancy often, and with proper attention to them "behave" quite decent.

However, the constant voltage that occurs during constipation, can worsen hemorrhoids - they can become inflamed, to swell, to cause pain and bleeding. And if to avoid the appearance of varices will only be a few lucky ladies, to prevent complications of hemorrhoids - task in almost doable for all. And for this it is necessary to immediately declare war constipation.

Here are a few tips:

  • Enrich your diet with plant products, containing fibre (see nutrition). Cellulose is digested not completely and gives volume to the chair, and therefore makes Your intestines to work. However, some products (beans or say, cabbage) sometimes increase gas formation and therefore may cause flatulence. Them to get involved is not necessary. Well, if this happens, try to drink a Cup or two of chamomile tea or take 2-3 tablets activated carbon. Baby You just do not damage.
  • Try products that have a natural laxative effect. For example, beets ground or in the form of juice many women can cope with constipation. A good effect is observed from dessert spoons of honey, added to 100 - 150 ml boiled water. Enjoy this "elixir" it on an empty stomach, after what you 10-15 minutes to lie down on his right side, placing it on a moderately warm water bottle. Talk with friends - surely someone will reveal to You the secret of victory over constipation. It can be wheat bran, seaweed or plum puree, and another hundred and fifty proven techniques. Listen to your intuition - if the proposed fashion confuses You, then do not resort to it without getting Board a specialist. This particularly applies to slautering medicines. Assign them should only be a doctor.
  • Avoid Hobbies products with a reinforcing effect (some varieties of pears, bird-cherry jam, poppy seeds in large quantities and others). And without them, the reasons for constipation enough.
  • Maintain as much as possible normal driving mode. Walk, do not deny yourself pleasure sometimes to visit the pool, do not forget about physical the exercises.
  • If all these measures do not help - contact your doctor. Now on sale there is a wide choice of different laxatives and a specialist will help You choose the best.

Future child

Many important events happening this week. Formed all twenty milk teeth ( just waiting for the right moment to erupt).

Bowel fetus is placed in the abdominal cavity, it formed villi, play an important role in digestion. The pancreas is Your baby already produces insulin.

The fetus weighs approximately 28 grams.

Pay attention to the picture - the legs of the fetus are formed almost exclusively. It's amazing how quickly it happens!

Photo: Lenart Nielson

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