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So, You are quite familiar with the role of the heroine in a stunning the play entitled "the Second trimester of pregnancy". Can proud to bear the high rank of the Mother. And Your household this you need to realize in full measure.

Usually at this time the family is set to normal "working" relation to the upcoming addition to their own composition. Everyone is trying to help, support. Encourage any participation in the household - pleasant joint efforts bring, how would "cement" family.

As for changing Your image, look in the mirror, You can detect brownish line stretching in the middle of the abdomen, from the pubis to the navel. Root cause - the adjournment of the special pigment a substance called melanin. Another trick the hormones. Do not worry - after the birth of this line will disappear.

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On head baby hair appear. Of course, this is not the hair, You will then be carefully raschityvat (maybe braiding cornrows or collect in the tails?).

The skin is still very thin, and the color is closer to red than pink. Scientists estimate - this time a tiny heart baby "pumps" about 23 liters of blood a day!

The fruit periodically empty your bladder. Urine flows in amniotic fluid than supports it. However, Your urine the baby is not the most important component of amniotic fluid, at least for now. They are produced by cells of the fetal bladder.

Amniotic fluid "updated" 8 - 10 times a day! This allows to maintain their sterility while maintaining the desired chemical composition (ratio of water, minerals and organic substances).

The value of membranes and amniotic fluid for the baby high. This protection from mechanical damage, and ensuring freedom movements, and significant assistance in the development of lung, kidney, the digestive system. Not to mention the fact that the amniotic the liquid is first in the life of Your baby's environment.

He actively studies and exchanges information and chemicals.

Separately should be said about the comfort of this environment.

Imagine a warm, clear, almost transparent liquid, smoothing the harsh realities of our world - the law of universal gravitation, dazzling lights and chaos of industrial noise.

A wonderful feeling of weightlessness, dim lighting, magical shades any sounds that pass through the amniotic fluid - it is not surprising that most people forever remain a subconscious love for the environment in which they spent the first nine months of his life.

Tireless Japanese scientists have developed an "artificial womb" - a special camera, which simulates fetal conditions.

This tank is made of elastic material, is filled with special the liquid, which can accommodate an adult, if you will the characteristic pose of the fetus. According to people who visited inside "artificial uterus", this sense of security, comfort and relaxation they had never felt (better to say a long time ago).

The aquatic environment is a familiar and favorite for fetal environment habitat. That is why huge popularity in the world acquired the idea birth in water, or the idea of early learning kids swimming.

That is why in advanced pediatric clinics for rehabilitation newborns with various disabilities are exercises in water, as well as the technique of "dry immersion" (i.e. simulation of weightlessness, so customary for the newly born baby.

And that is why Your task is to transform an ordinary bathing Your heir (or heiress) in a magical rite, giving baby joy. And although it will take only six months, start thinking about it now (and what to do in the quiet of the evening Expectations?).

Like the kid at this time. And as he sucks his thumb, You will see a little further.

Photo: Lenart Nielson

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