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So, the first week... of Course, it's not the pregnancy, because You have a regular menstrual bleeding. However, if You want this or no body began to prepare for a possible motherhood again.

Now Your Central nervous system actively rebuilds hormonal background. The purpose of the realignment is to gradually prepare one 300 000 (!) Your egg to fertilize. It takes on average about two weeks. Therefore, we believe that this first week because proobraz Your baby is being formed right now!

For Your body is the usual work (judge for yourself - it started from the moment of occurrence of the first menstruation and is again and again, every month, until today). So we will hope he will do this time. It is better to talk about how You can help your body in such an important matter.

In modern medicine there is the concept of "periconceptional prevention". This unpronounceable phrase denotes a whole system events, the meaning of which is to create the best conditions for development of germ cells and germ.

In fact, such events it is better to start for 3-4 months before planned pregnancy (and sometimes before). In this case specialist consider much more of Your individual characteristics, respectively and the effect of recommended preventive events is much higher.

However, if You have not done this before - starting right now.

Here are some universal tips:

The maximum curing your lifestyle - from alcohol and tobacco it is advisable to opt out. Keep in mind that fruit is bad even passive Smoking (so let Your smokers household make it fresh the air).

The pill is dangerous to the fetus, so get your them immediately. Any medication, prescribed by a medical doctor, you discuss - what are the effects of this medicine on the egg and the germ?

If for some reason You are not satisfied clarification of the attending doctor, contact the medical-genetic consultation (on the nature of work there is concentrated information about the effects of drugs on the fetus)Prinimat any medication without a doctor should not. These recommendations will remain valid until the end of Your pregnancy.

Very carefully should be treated by imaging studies, especially the abdomen and pelvis.

Take care of your health - the less You will to be in crowded places, the less likely you are to get infectious diseases (such as measles or OCR). These infections often very dangerous to the fetus.

For walking it is better to use parks and squares, remote from motorways. If the runny nose appeared in Your household - dress up their in a gauze mask and put the same themselves. Useful instillation in nose interferon, or laying oksolinovoj ointments, and in addition is not regret in the diet of onions and garlic. This event, harmless to the fetus.

Try to get only positive emotions - You are prepared to a very Important issue, and other problems exist for You as much as it. Stress is unlikely to be useful to Your future child.

If You continue to work or study - analyze the gender of Your activity hazard for the future of the fetus ( radiation, electromagnetic exposure, contact with medicines and other chemicals ). All ambiguities discuss with a specialist (see the 2nd week).

This period is not the best time for acquiring Pets.

Many cats infected with Toxoplasma. When the primary ingested pregnant this organism can cause disease in mother, and to cause genetic defects and other lesions in the organs and tissues of the fetus.

However, if the cat in your family lives long enough, it it is possible that You have a natural protection against this disease. You can verify this by checking the level of protective antibodies in Your blood (where and how it can be done - tell Your doctor). In addition, it is desirable to examine Your pet at the vet.

In any case, to do the service free ware cat should not You, but someone in the household. Also, try not to feed cat raw meat and limit his ability to catch mice, rats and pigeons. It is undesirable to communicate with street brethren.

As for dogs, there are not so many diseases, they can infect humans. Watching the four-legged friend you can avoid many dangers. Timely and properly inculcate the dog (especially rabies and leptospirosis), in terms of food, walks, communication and other "service" recommendations are the same as for cats.

Purchase a commercially available multivitamin preparation for pregnant and start his daily take.

Suitable "Obscene" or "Prenatal". In General, a lot of them (most luxury are almost perfectly designed and vitamin mikroelementarnogo formula, however, and a very decent price).

Most important - this product must contain not less than 0.4 mg of folic acid. This is the vitamin taken three months before conception and during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy protects the fetus from many congenital defects.

Read the article about nutrition during pregnancy in this calendar or in other books for expectant mothers. Try now to adhere to the main principles of the diet is sufficient in quantity and balanced on the basic ingredients of the food is largely the successful development of Your unborn baby.

Now limit the use of coffee and tea, as well as try not to abuse the chocolate and Cola (this can be unsafe for the fetus).

If the first 4 -6 weeks You are planning pregnancy can "fall out" at the end of spring-beginning of summer, it is desirable for this period reduce eating food from overwintered potatoes.

If You are unable to do 1.5 - 2 months without it, of course the most important representative of many national dishes, cleaning tuber peel thicker, and then expose the potatoes fairly long cooking. This way You reduce the risk of some congenital defects in the fetus.

Select the time and visit specialists. If You have any health problems (e.g. chronic diseases, including infectious, the doctor will tell you when and how to conduct their treatment. Of course, considering how harmful to the fetus can be as these diseases and ways of their treatment.

If health at the moment You don't care anyway visit to the doctor will not be superfluous (a careful examination of Your medical history can "float" alarming moments, to clarify which You will be the proposed medical examination). Be sure to visit physician-geneticist (if You have it not were).

These recommendations it is advisable to follow during the entire pregnancy, but they are especially important in the first 12 weeks.

So - in a good way!

Future child

So far, Your baby is more the idea than the actual the organism. His probes (more precisely, half of pobreza) is one of the many thousands of Your eggs in his "cradle" - the ovaries. The second half of pobreza (paternal) had not even had time be in Mature sperm (this will happen in about two weeks). Wait.

Looks like the egg - mother of all 100 trillion (!) the cells of Your unborn child. Beautiful, isn't it?

Image source: The Visible Embryo

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