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Calendar pregnancy / 22 week of pregnancy


Your health should still be good.

The problem of sexual life during pregnancy sometimes often discussed spouses, sometimes not discussed at all. Often people have not quite right about the sex in this period. The the time to discuss it.

Generally, in the first trimester of pregnancy, at the height of the manifestations toxicity female sexual activity often decreases. Men also, as a rule, show that at the same level. Therefore, in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy sex life can often occur in alternative forms (not necessarily as a regular vaginal sex intercourse).

With the advent of the second trimester and feeling better women her sexuality is growing. Increases sexual desire (libido).

Since increasing the overall blood flow in pregnant, there is increased secretions in the vagina, increased sensitivity erogenous zones.

As a consequence, increases a woman's ability to obtain orgasm during intercourse.

Many women become multilattices. According to statistics, a large number of women first experienced an orgasm during this period.

As for men, at this time, many of them Express fear is not dangerous if the sexual act to the fetus? Some fathers-to-be confused by the fact that "the presence of the silent witness", i.e. fruit "in the neighborhood" with what is happening loving act.

Counter these doubts, I must say: there are a few reasons, imposing restrictions on sex life at this time. About these the reason You surely would be warned by Your gynecologist. And if You are worried about this - ask this question to your doctor.

In all other cases the dilemma "to be or not to be?" does not exist! Of course, to be! First, the fetus is well protected by their shells, amniotic fluid, so to damage it normal sexual intercourse it is almost impossible.

Secondly, not much happens moments in the life of the spouses, when the problem of unwanted pregnancies completely distracts You from the primary occupation.

And finally, although vouch for the feeling of the fetus during sex act of his parents for one hundred percent impossible, the probability of realizing him this phenomenon is small.

Moreover, if a kid sees it, sees where more properly and naturally than adults. In fact, it the greatest in its judgment is an act of Nature that gives Life. So there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Future child

The fetus continues to grow and prepare themselves for life outside the uterus. This week have purchased Your boy or girl appeared eyebrows!

Fruit weight is about 420 grams, and the length of 27.5 inches.

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