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Work continues.

Among the thousands of eggs is already possible to identify the "leader." This is most often only one egg is located in a special, filled liquid vial. By the end of this week bubble (called Grafova) will increase so that there will be projecting above the surface the ovary. All this is preparation for ovulation (the so-called process break Grafova bubble and release of an egg into the abdominal cavity).

After that, the egg is usually into the fallopian tube, where becomes possible meeting with the sperm. And on the site of the former Grafova bubble appears special education - yellow body. Remember this name.

Yellow body is necessary for hormonal support of pregnancy, therefore, its role is extremely important. And it is the "culprit" early toxicosis of pregnancy, which in women is quite often.

Most likely, ovulation happens to You next week (less than probably, that at the end of this week)Some women may feel ovulation (often in the form of one-sided abdominal pain).

In addition, learn about you, basal temperature (i.e., the temperature in the rectum). However, in most cases, this it is not required. Enough to know that the late second - early third weeks, counting from the first day of Your last menstrual period - this there is the most suitable for conception period.

In this regard, it is necessary to clarify some points:

  • It is desirable to make two or three day break in sexual life before this period. This will allow Your spouse to "accumulate" enough sperm. Although, as evidenced by reality, this is not necessary for many couples.
  • Before sexual act, "aimed" at birth, unwanted active toilet female genital organs with the use of means that can change the acidity of the vagina. This is especially true of douches. Quite quite normal hygiene procedures. Research results show: the sperm is very sensitive to the chemical composition the environment in which fall - even normal saliva acts on them disastrous.
  • The most favorable position for conception - missionary (man on top) and in the knee-elbow position women (the man behind). The probability of conception is increased if a woman remains in the supine position for 20-30 minutes after ejaculation. It is desirable to slightly lift the pelvic region (for example, placing the back cushion).

And finally, the very popular problem - how to conceive a boy (or girl)?

Actually, this question deals with the Nature. So "clean" the probability of a future child's sex and for both boys and girls is 1:1 (i.e. 50%).

Recently in the popular literature appeared a lot of information about how Mother Nature can "outwit".

An effective means rank as special diets, astrological calculations, magical manipulation and whatnot. Perhaps something from it and are able to raise or lower likely, but within only a few percent.

The most sound advice you can extract from the book by JRR Tolkien. Martin young "How to conceive a boy."

At least the scientist frankly admits that the chances provided its technology, modest. Higher chances "sighting" conception gives the technique of separation "boy impersonator; a cardsharp and "girlish" sperm using ultracentrifugation. However, using this method, You eliminate the possibility of conception in a natural way.

The need for a serious discussion of this problem occurs rarely (for example, in the case of hereditary diseases that occur only depending on the gender of the person).

In all other situations, the problem of fetal sex is not as prevalent. And because, if You liked any of the featured harmless methods you can try. In the end it may simply be a interesting.

Recommendations for the first week remain in force.

This week is a good time for a visit to a genetics specialist (if You haven't done that already).

A thorough analysis of Your ancestry and family history will help to make a forecast for the fetus and to develop a plan for timely diagnostics possible problems of its development.

At the same time learn more about periconceptional prevention.

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