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Your body continues to prepare for childbirth. Sometimes You may notice, that uterine contractions begin to diverge somewhat from those have You ever previously.

Let's go over the main points of the generic act.

At birth there are three basic stages.

1. Stage of disclosure.

It begins with the appearance of regular contractions of the uterus, called wrestlers. The contractions gradually increase in intensity and become increasingly. In this stage there is the opening of the cervix. It becomes thin, and her mouth widely disclosed to release in the wild of Your baby. The muscles of the uterus slowly "creeping" towards the bottom, forming a powerful a bunch of muscles, which should push the fetus.

Many women experience painful doubts about: started birth or not yet started? Some pregnant women think that they are manifestations of "cold", and an irresistible desire to sleep. For resolution doubt You are very important to be able to measure the duration labour and the intervals between contractions over time. If the duration labour is increasing and the intervals between them are reduced, can not be sure You have started giving birth. What signs still point at the beginning of the birth, we will talk later.

So, the contractions will get stronger and to increase, requiring more Of your attention. This is the active phase of the 1st stage of labor. It will be followed by a very short transition period. He is the most heavy. At this time the contractions go one by one, but by the power already not grow. At the end of the transition period of the cervix is fully disclosed.

Somewhere in between the active phase and the transition period You will need to arrive at the maternity ward.

2. The stage of expulsion.

Americans call it the stage of ejection, that sounds a little better.

The vast majority of women this stage like the most. In this time the cervix is already disclosed to the limit, muscular platform bottom uterine inexorably pushes the baby forward, and You start attempts. So called the contraction of the muscles of the abdominals and pelvic floor, which help the uterus to push the fruit into the Light of God. At this time, the woman really starting to feel that she is the main character in childbirth.

If You did not receive analgesia in this stage of labor, You will feel an irresistible imperative inherently attempts. If analgesia was carried out, this feeling can not be, but don't worry - You will say when you want to potuzhitsja.

The end of this phase is marked by the birth of a child.

3. Stage of the placenta.

Some time after the baby is born You will have irresistible desire to potuzhitsja again. This is the birth of the placenta (the placenta and fetal membranes).

American mothers often so passionate about their the just-born child (which lies on the abdomen)that often forget about this stage. Attachment of an infant to the breast right in the delivery room and in close contact with the mother's body has a great a positive effect.

In particular accelerates the birth of the placenta and reduces bleeding, not to mention the huge emotional lift, experienced woman. However, for such a long and early contact woman with her baby requires a large number of special conditions which are not always available in our maternity hospitals (in force great value).

So You most likely will be disciplined to wait for this stage, while the baby will be basking under the rays of the special a heat source. But do not worry, You have still a lot time to enjoy with your child!

Future child

The baby continues to grow. It weighs a little more than 2 kg, height - 42,5 see

Placental hormones begin to boost Your milk production the Breasts. The daily volume of urine excreted by the fetus in the amniotic fluid almost a pint! It's time seryes to think about buying for the future "Pampers Baby Dry" - especially if you are now on sale at reduced prices!

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