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Calendar pregnancy / 36 week of pregnancy


Now You will see your doctor every week.

Most of the fruit by this time placed in the uterus head down. However, some kids (average of 4 out of 100) in the position down the buttocks. This is called the gluteal or pelvic presentation. In this case, there may be some problems in childbirth, though not sure. Quite often obstetricians warn the mother about what delivery caesarean section for her should be considered as one of the real options.

There are several ways that give you the chance to fix a previa. And now is the time to apply them.

  • The 1st way is "Belief", for all its apparent "unscientific character" this technique she often gives a positive result! The gist of it consists of the following: a specialist who is experienced with this method like "mentally convinces" the baby to follow the hands of the physician, are placed on the abdomen of the woman. Most importantly, the lack of resistance on the part muscles of the female uterus and the anterior abdominal wall.
  • 2nd "Coercion" Despite such a bad name, nothing terrible during attempted rotation of the fetus by this method is not happening. Just the expectant mother a few minutes a day spent in a special position - on the back by pushing his feet into the wall, placed under the lower back the pillow. And so twice a week for Crescent. Baby, which in this position feels very uncomfortable, sometimes independently developed on 180 degrees.
  • 3rd method - foot reflexology With special wormwood cigarettes for healing burns impacts on special acupuncture (biologically active) point, controlling some the function of the uterus. Using this method, borrowed from the Arsenal traditional Oriental medicine is also able to cause rotation of the fetus.
  • 4th way - Outer obstetric turn This technique is used only in obstetric hospital. To begin, you need to conduct a detailed ultrasonographic examination of the position of the fetus, then enter the female drug that prevents premature emergence of labour. The rotation is performed by a physician hands that pull the fruit from the cavity of the pelvis, at the same time providing a soft multidirectional pressure on the region of the head and buttocks of the baby. In case of any serious complications from the appearance of which is not guaranteed by this manipulation, performed an emergency caesarean section.

The above methods are useful in almost half of all cases. But even if it were unsuccessful in terms of rotation baby - despair no reason no. Every year, thousands of children born in the pelvic presentation, and the vast majority of them do not have any significant complications.

Future child

The kid, as usual, continues to grow. The weight is about 2 kg 400 grams, length - 45 cm

As already mentioned, the weight of the baby at this time can greatly to vary (depending on genetic and environmental reasons). Usually the doctor, carefully feeling pregnant belly, makes some measurements and then calculate the estimated weight of the newborn on a simple formula. You should know that this is only a very rough the value, although in many cases it really coincides with the real weight of the newborn.

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