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Your pregnancy has approached the definition of "full-term". If delivery started now, doctors hardly have begun to stop them.

Try to learn more about the nursing home in which You going to give birth to her baby. This particularly applies to the possibility of the presence of her husband or other relatives at Your birth. We will talk about it later, but for now I would like to say a few words about breastfeeding a child.

Unlike foreign "colleagues pregnancy" our women in the vast majority are aware that breastfeeding is not only naturally, but also useful. Even the most modest enumeration the benefits of breastfeeding before looks artificial impressive.

Briefly: the kids, fed maternal milk less sick of infectious diseases, are less likely to suffer from allergies, have lower risk of sudden death syndrome, more correct form bite and also in the future have a higher intelligence!

Nursing the mother gets a huge emotional lift, positive impact on her health. Studies show that breastfeeding significantly reduces the risk of breast cancer in women. And much, much more.

Now almost any commercially available products for baby power. Most of them are manufactured using high technologies and have a balanced formula, priblijalsya the composition of the mixture the composition of breast milk. However, these products are based on cow or soy milk.

Wise Nature (or the Creator, if you want) cow's milk "was designed for calves, not for newborns people. The older generations may be objected, saying that before feeding cow's milk did not surprise the doctors, and terrible like anything with children occurred.

What can you say about this? Everything changes, including knowledge of humanity in the fields of biology and medicine. Therefore, taking into side discussion about the pros and cons of different types of infant feeding, let's trust in the wisdom of Nature, imposed in Your body the ability to create the perfect food for a baby is breast milk.

By the way, if for some objective reasons, breast breastfeeding is impossible - you need a very serious approach to artificial nutrition. Great importance has almost everything the composition of the mixtures, the technology of their preparation, the technique of feeding the baby and So in this case it is absolutely necessary part of a specialist (pediatrician, or pediatric nutritionist).

Future child

The fruit makes breathing movements. During the breath in his lungs gets the amniotic fluid, which is then output during exhalation. Sometimes the kid bothers hiccups.

Try to remember the feeling of the movements of the fetus inside Your body. It will take a little time, and believe me - You will them be bored!

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