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Maybe You have the feeling that electric current runs from the abdomen to the feet. This is due to the fact that the fruit drops deeper into Your pelvis and touch the nerve trunks.

We have spent a lot of time getting acquainted with the process of childbirth. Now let's discuss another issue is the presence of family members in ancestral house.

Abroad it occurs everywhere. The husband is next to the mother in the prenatal ward, giving the woman a tangible moral support. The mere fact that near native people, acts very beneficial, not to mention those cases where sensible men really helps with the pain, directing the breath of a woman in during the bout.

Some spouses go a step further - there are at stage popping, under the direction of a physician and midwives perform massage, put hot water bottles or ice packs, take the birth of a child in his arms, tie and cut the umbilical cord. By the way, the umbilical cord is not contains painful nerve endings, so that neither the child nor the mother has not feel no pain during the cutting. (Who among us cry from pain at the hairdresser's?)

Abroad, the volume of participation of the husband in labor is determined by the desire and willingness. Not all men are able to maintain composure in this majestic and mysterious process. Therefore, if someone is not ready to be with his wife until the end - there's nothing amazing. But even if the father was manifested in the fact that he holding his wife's hand, looked her in the eye and comforting words - believe me, he did a great job!

A separate issue is the presence of children during childbirth. Some spouses and experts believe it is useful, of course, only if children do not experience any discomfort. And the fact presence and possible behavior of children during childbirth are discussed in advance, and the children also attend special preparatory classes.

We have this problem depends on the characteristics of a particular obstetric institutions. In any case, to present Your husband at birth or not, and what will be its participation - you will need to discuss with your doctor. Make sure that the spouse really is what he would have to see it or experience illusions on this score.

Future child

The baby gains weight at an average of about 28 to 30 grams a day, and continues to actively prepare for life outside the uterus.

By the way, have You decided what to name it? If not, then hurry up!

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