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Calendar pregnancy / 3 week pregnancy


This week will decide the most important question - to be or not to be pregnancy? You have ovulated and the egg in the fallopian tube ready for fertilization.

The time to meet with an enterprising sperm! If this meeting went well - can congratulate yourself with pregnancy. In the end of this week will introduce (implantation) of the ovum in the wall of Your uterus. For some women this is accompanied microcrustacean, not components, but more or less significant problems.

Begin to appear the first changes in Your immune system - produced Early Pregnancy Factor (English - EPF). This substance helps the fertilized egg "trick" Your body (the fact that half of the genes of Your future baby is of paternal origin, and therefore, proteins of the fetus are alien to Your body). To prevent conflict between Your immune cells and cells of the fetus and the need EPF.

Recommendations to the 1st week remain in force.

Future child

The egg and sperm met in the fallopian tube. As a result of their merger formed the zygote the first and most important cell in Your unborn child. All next 100 000 000 000 000 cells of his body are daughters zygote! The zygote begins to divide, while traveling through the fallopian the pipe towards Your uterus. Three days after fertilization the embryo consists of 32 cells and is similar in form to the berry mulberries. By the end of this week, the number of cells will increase to 250, form will resemble a hollow ball with a diameter of 0.1 - 0.2 mm

Now scientists would call Your baby blastocyst.

Blastocyst destroys small areas of the mucous membrane and other uterine tissue, like "pulling out" for a small "hole", then comfortable it gets. By the way, in a circle, "mink" arise microscopic hemorrhages mentioned a little before.

The implementation process is called implantation. And if implantation was successful, the development of the embryo reaches the new the stage is now his "supply" will ensure Your organs and system, and not modest reserves of nutrients made the egg.

In the period from fertilization to implantation of different damaging exposure can disrupt either all or nothing. In the first case the embryo dies, the second finds reserves for repair damage (if in the future there will be no unpleasant surprises, it is not will remain even traces of these damages).

Sperm attack the egg. The spectacle is fantastic! The added synchronously beat tails, causing the egg to rotate slowly counterclockwise the arrows. Inside will get only one of them.

Zygote: DNA of the sperm already inside the egg. Soon merger paternal and maternal half of the genetic program and will begin the first cell division.

The first day after conception. The egg has two daughters.

The second day after conception. The division continues.

The second day - the third day after conception. Blastomeres are already eight. When artificial insemination (the child "test tube") in the woman's uterus implanted such embryo.

This blastocyst. Similar to mulberry berry?

The schema. The blastocyst is approaching the wall of the uterus.

The schema. Blastocyst starts to be implemented (be implanted under the mucous membrane.

The schema. Implantation is almost finished. Around the embryo usually areas of hemorrhage, which can lead to microcrustacean.

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The Visible Embryo,
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