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Your body had been preparing for this moment. And then it came. Although it should be noted that this date may still be not quite accurate. In actually only 4% of women give birth exactly in the settlement period. About 98% of pregnant women give birth within 1 - 2 weeks before or after the calculated date.

In most cases this is normal.

Remember that it is not so important how Your child came into this world. Not always to blush, remembering that You may spoke during childbirth. In any case, You did a great the work, which is akin feat.


Most likely, Your baby is one of those 96% of newborns who born headfirst. As soon as the fetus's head is cut for vulvar ring, doctor sucks mucus from the respiratory tract baby, using vacuum suction apparatus. This allows the newborn faster to do first in your life breath. You immediately know on a loud shout, which the kid informs all of their own parish in this world is. Ectopic life has begun!

It so happens that the first breath is slightly delayed. Reasons lots and judge for yourself: the little man just broke through serious obstacles, losing a sense of familiar comfort, not leaving within 9 months! And what's it waiting for? Monstrous difference the ambient temperature (in the uterus is about 38 degrees Celsius, and in the delivery room is about 24 degrees; imagine You naked throw in cold water or remember, as You go into a river or the sea when bathing. Not weak, Yes?).

Moreover, the change in lighting. Can dofantazirovat previous situation: imagine that You are bathed in the dim light, and the output You helpful shined directly into the eye airfield spotlight. Well, noise the background, of course.

The sounds your baby heard in the womb are very different from what he hears in the delivery room as they pass in his hearing the analyzer through the air, but not through water. In addition, generic stress is accompanied by the release of hormones, in particular epinephrine. This feeling You should be familiar, if at least once in life someone made fun of You, suddenly screaming, jumping from behind angle in a dark doorway.

Therefore, some podzaderjatsa with the first breath - it understandable. In mild cases the baby wakes up after a mild tingling feet. In any case, don't worry, the doctors are present at birth only in order to make childbirth as safe as possible.

Then processed and ligated the umbilical cord, the baby show my mother called him to the floor. On the first and fifth minute of life status the child is assessed according to the Apgar scale.

Can't remember the number of points it will show in Your exchange map. Sometimes (if conditions allow) You can give a child right now You can even apply it to the chest.

Next is Your newborn goes to bask, to weigh, to measure height, head circumference and chest, to take his first toilet and get prevention geoplanidae (eye disease), i.e., instillation into the eye slits special treatment drops. Then the handle and the leg of the baby will tie oilcloth tag with Your name and number medical history, as well as time, number, and year of birth.

And all will begin full of joys and concerns a new life with Your baby.

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