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If You are not destined to do without the "charms" of early toxicity, this week, the nausea may increase. Some women appear intolerant to certain smells, increased salivation. The feeling of "fullness" in the mammary glands can added periodic "tingling" ibid.

As mentioned above, the reason for this are hormonal changes in Your body. They aim to provide the best conditions for the development of Your toddler, i.e. pursue the most noble purpose. And the fact that Your body reacts exactly to the changing hormonal the background is, simply speaking, "production costs".

Because the cause of ill health cannot be removed, then You will have to try to adapt to it. Here are some useful tips:

  • Continue (or start now) vitamin drugs for pregnant and try to eat them the time of day when vomiting You usually do not bother. This is not always helps reduce symptoms of toxicosis, but will provide the necessary fruit a number of vitamins.
  • Try eating less but more often (6 -7 times a day). The first meal treat yourself right into bed, still before rising, and the last not long before bedtime. Experiment with different products - it is possible that the crackers or crackers, or maybe raisins or crab chips will reduce the nausea.
  • Don't forget the liquid - You can to get a juice and mineral water, and fruit (watermelon, melon, persimmon or pears) or vegetables (salad of cucumbers and tomatoes and so on). This is particularly important if You are concerned about vomiting, because it lost a lot of fluids and salts.
  • Get plenty of rest. Go to bed earlier and Wake up later. Try not to down yourself during the day, especially in the morning.
  • Try to avoid contact with irritating You smells (deodorants, free water and other perfumery products, food flavors, etc. and tastes. Families should strongly support this, even if it is somewhat infringes on their freedom. Some women argue that reduce nausea in the morning allows a good toothpaste or chewing gum. Try - maybe will help You.
  • Limit stress load. If you cannot eliminate the cause of stress (for example, Your work), try to enlist the help of a specialist-therapist. In the course of joint work, You will receive the necessary psycho-emotional unloading that will allow You otherwise feel with Your new status. In addition to also, You can master the basics of auditory training, also often is an effective weapon in the fight against early toxicosis.
  • Sometimes help methods of Oriental medicine. Acupuncture, finger acupuncture coping with nausea and vomiting, headaches pain, salivation (ptyalism) and other manifestations of early toxicosis. One important point - before you ask for help specialists in Oriental medicine, it is necessary to ensure that they are good professional level. Unfortunately, now on the market of medical services a large number of incompetent people working actively in this area. Try to inquire relatives or friends, applied to certain centers of alternative medicine. Ask advice from your doctor.

Only in no case do not resort to drugs to self-medicate. Better first consult a specialist. A good doctor will always try to find the best way to solve Your problems (taking into account the interests Your baby).

Don't forget the advice given to the 1st week.

Future child

This week in the body of Your baby has seen many great things! But, of course, the most important news two.

First, his heart beating! When using a good ultrasonic scanner can detect tiny reduction of heart, which is the body length of only 4 to 6 millimeters!

Second, there was a complete closure of the neural tube. No small role in this played You take folic acid (part of multivitamin or separately).

In addition, there are the beginnings of arms and legs, begins the formation of separate parts of the inner ear and the larynx. Intensively developing placenta (afterbirth) is a special authority, which in further will be responsible for respiration, nutrition, protection of the fetus, and for the production of hormones.

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