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INTERESTING ABOUT the ANIMALS / Interesting animals in stories for children

Every day, reading a poem, a story, a tale, by showing pictures, mom acquaints the child with diverse wildlife! This elephant - he's the greatest and highest giraffe, a very beautiful bird parrot can learn up to one hundred words.

To stories about animals became more varied and more interesting to the child is not only able to distinguish Panther cat, but to make up interesting stories about the unusual capabilities of animals and amaze thereby peers and teachers, the administration of the website, "Your baby" for several months will introduce you to the animals of our planet. Every week I will publish a new theme of the cycle of stories is Interesting about animals. Articles will be published interesting information about the animal world, interesting facts about animals.

Interesting animals Animals Of The Arctic

It seems incredible that where the temperature does not rise above 10 degrees Celsius, animals can live and reproduce. Nevertheless, even the most cold and inhospitable parts of the Earth inhabited. The fact that some animals have adapted in a special way to preserve the heat of his own body. For example, the body of penguins under the wings densely covered with warm fur, and the fur of polar bears is very thick and waterproof. In addition, all polar animals under the skin is a thick layer of fat...

Animals of the prairies and savannas Animals of the prairies and savannas

In Savannah there are periods of drought, when there is a lack of food. Then numerous herds of animals go in search of more favorable conditions. These migration can last for weeks, and only the most hardy animals manage to achieve. Weaker doomed.

Interesting animals Tropical animals (part 1)

Tropical forests are characterized by lush vegetation; under the trees with tall trunks, despite the fact that their crowns miss a little light, grows thick undergrowth. It enjoys high humidity - precipitation is frequent here, and fosters the plants of any type. Such an environment is almost perfect to sustain life countless animals that are in abundance there food. Of course that is especially conducive to this environment animals small and medium sizes, which often can move with agility.

Tropical animals Tropical animals (part 2)

A large part of the African forest is located between the tropics: North (tropic of Cancer) and South (tropic of Capricorn). In this part of the land of all seasons similar to each other; during the year the average temperature and the number of drop-down rain almost unchanged. Therefore, almost all the animals in this zone have a settled way of life - because they, unlike the inhabitants of the temperate and cold climatic zones, it is not necessary to make seasonal migration in search of suitable places for life.

Animals of the tundra Tundra animals

In the far North of the American continent, in Canada, Greenland and Alaska are found in the district with strong horns and long hair, suitable for the harsh climate of these areas. Muskoxen live in small herds, eating meager Arctic vegetation: moss, moss and shrubs. This is a very aggressive animals, and often they begin a fierce battle. The enemies of the musk ox - wolf pack and the bears.

Animals of the mountains Animals of the mountains

High mountains inhabited by little people. The land here is difficult, and it can be used only in the summer as pasture for domestic animals. In the last century of the mountain have become a popular place of entertainment - first, they were chosen by the climbers, later skiers. The laying of tracks, construction lifting equipment, hotels and lodges sometimes cause adverse changes in the natural environment.

Animals Australia Animals Australia

Australia is the largest island in Oceania, was named the fifth continent. Its fauna is unique, but completely devoid of monkeys, thick-skinned mammals and ruminants.

Marine animals Life in the sea

More than two thirds of the earth's surface is covered by seas and oceans. This huge mass of water is necessary for life on our planet: the winds carry moisture all over the world, it evaporates and restored again in the form of rain and snow, nourishing flora and fauna. The sea teems with life, and oddly enough, but microscopic, and the largest marine life, such as the blue whale, manta or whale shark, eat large amounts of food, invisible to the naked eye, plankton.

Animals mixed forests Animals mixed forests

Geographically, the mixed forest zone covers the area between the tundra and the region of the subtropics. Here grow as coniferous trees - pine, larch, spruce, and deciduous beeches, chestnuts, birches. The understory is formed by a dense Bush, it is often difficult, and under the trees the snow is less, allowing the animals to find here some more food. Some of the animals living here lie dormant, others travel long distances in search of food.

Interesting fish Interesting fish

Description of several kinds of interesting fish with photos.

Facts about animals One hundred and interesting facts about the animal world

Interesting facts about the animal world. The original facts collected in one article!

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