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EDUCATIONAL GAMES FOR KIDS / the Development of attention in children: the game "Spot the difference" for the little ones

Spot the difference for the little ones - this is an interesting game for children from 1 year, enabling the development of attention in children. Here there is a large number of elements and differences, it would seem, "catch the eye", but the children of 1-2 years are in the process of cognition, they only learn to pay attention to offer parents, do easy tasks, get pleasure from learning.

The main thing when working with kids does not make, offer tasks only during good mood, enjoy successes.

How to play with a child 1-2 years in the game "spot the difference":

1. Suggested games contain from one to three differences.

2. Before you start finding the differences, give your child the concept of "Same - Different": take two objects, show them, let them touch the child, play with them and tell them that they are the same. Let the kid get used to the new concept, do not rush immediately to show pictures of "Spot the difference". Play with him during the week (let me die, get another one the same, identical, similar...). When you make sure that the same word he understands, enter a new "Miscellaneous", "Other", "Different" (for this turn red and the yellow, they are different, this ball is great, but this small, they are different...)

Mocajete baby picture. What are the items that are there. Tell us what it is.

4. Ask the same picture or not. How do they differ?

5. Find differences together and rejoice work well together!

Click on the image and download it for free!

To find differences in the pictures Pictures spot the difference for kids Download spot the difference picture

Develop attention: the Game of "find the 5 differences"

Bright job that will interest kids 2 to 4 years. Spot the difference is an entertaining game for children of different ages. Kids will not only focus on the details, but to learn to concentrate on the job, to be diligent in for some time.

How to work with children of preschool age in the game of "Find the 5 differences":

1. Show the printed picture to the child. Let it it will consider. Discuss what is in the pictures.

2. Ask the same whether the pictures he sees.

3. Show one difference. Teach your child to look picture (see on this picture there is a butterfly... and the second picture?). Let the child find the answers, rejoice with him.

4. During the first attempts of the game specify the child on the search scope differences, but not on the actual differences.

5. The game should not be delayed. Kids can't concentrate for a long time, so for them it is optimal to 5 options.

6. Praise your child for their hard work, look forward to the result (note the crosses found differences)

Click on the image and download it for free!

Find 5 differences in the picture Baby pictures to find the differences Find the differences between images

Develop attention: the Game "find 10 differences"

The game "Spot the difference" - this is an interesting variant of leisure preschooler. In advance, print the pictures and ask the child to play, or check their care.

Additionally, you can use different images (but not necessarily the same complexity level as the competition of children: alone or in a team (if in a team, each member must find one difference and pass the baton to another)

Click on the image and download it for free!

Find 10 differences for children Find 10 differences to download Game find 10 differences for children

Develop attention: the Game "find 10 differences" (complex version)

When your child can easily handle the game find the differences (10 differences). offer him a more complicated variant. Here the picture is the most complete and a large number of small parts.

Older preschoolers can concentrate long enough and this game where you have to think more lengthy and will attract.

These games are best done at home, at the work place of the child, where comfortable to sit in and have good lighting. Pay attention to the fit of the child at the table!

Click on the image and download it for free!

To download the game 10 differences Game find 10 differences between free 10 differences between baby pictures
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