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PREGNANCY / Signs of pregnancy

The first early signs of pregnancy in women

The first signs of pregnancypregnancy Symptoms individual and different for different women; however, without a doubt, the most famous and unmistakable sign of pregnancy, menstrual irregularities. It is very important to be able to identify the signs of pregnancy, because each of them can be used not only for pregnancy, but for the disease.

In some women, the first signs of pregnancy appear within a week after conception. Other such symptoms appear only after several weeks, or even not appear at all. We offer to your attention a list of some of the most common signs of pregnancy. For more complete coverage of all new state of the future mother will divide all the signs on the subjective and the objective.

Subjective signs of the first and second pregnancy:

Fatigue/apathy: Tiredness or fatigue is a sign of pregnancy that may occur in the first week after conception.

Other causes: stress, fatigue, depression, colds or flu, and other diseases.

Nausea/morning sickness: This is a known symptom of pregnancy often occurs 2 to 8 weeks after conception. Some of the successful women do not face the problem of sickness the whole pregnancy, but the vast majority of pregnant women suffer from morning sickness from beginning to end. Other causes: food poisoning, stress, gastro-intestinal tract also cause nausea.

Headache and migraine: a Sudden increase in the level of hormones in the body can cause headaches in early pregnancy.

Other causes: dehydration, abstinence from caffeine, premenstrual syndrome, eye strain or other diseases may become a source of periodic or chronic headaches.

Increased appetite/craving for certain products: not necessarily that you have the desire to eat pickles or vanilla ice cream, however, many pregnant women still have a craving for certain food products. This symptom persists throughout pregnancy.

Drowsiness: and it may be that there is no mood, no irritation. There is only one desire - to sleep! This is also in order for the condition of the pregnant woman. Other causes: stress, overwork.

Exacerbation of smell: a familiar and favorite fragrances can irritate the future mother to headaches. Pregnant can catch yourself feeling that catch not previously noticeable smells of grass, hot asphalt, the approaching storm...But this is not always so romantic: a trip on public transport can become a torture, close contact with his beloved dog may end up in an unscheduled last wash, etc. do Not worry! This hypersensitivity is not going to last all 9 months: after about a month all will be included in a rut.

Objective signs:

Implantation bleeding: Implantation bleeding is one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. Approximately 6 to 12 days after conception occurs landing of the embryo on the uterine wall. In some women, this process is accompanied by bleeding and cramps.

Other causes: normal menstruation, extraordinary menstrual periods side effect of taking certain birth control pills, infection, injury during sexual intercourse.

Delay menstruation/menstrual disorders: Delayed menstruation/menstrual cycle is the most famous and common pregnancy symptom that causes the woman to be tested for pregnancy. During pregnancy, the woman is month delay menstruation. Many pregnant women hemorrhaging, however, as a rule, the menstruation ends quickly and is less intense than usual. Delay menstruation can be explained by many other reasons besides pregnancy. However, if you're sexually active and you have the delay, better take a pregnancy test.

Other causes: excessive loss/weight gain, chronic fatigue, hormonal disorders, stress, stress, discontinuation of birth control pills, breastfeeding.

Swelling/increasing breast tenderness: Swelling or increased sensitivity of the breast is a sign of pregnancy, which occurs in 1 to 2 weeks after conception. A woman may notice changes in her breast; they respond to every, even the slightest touch, ache or swell.

Other causes: hormonal imbalance, taking birth control pills, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) also cause swelling and increased sensitivity of the breast.

Lower back pain: lower back Pain can also indicate early pregnancy; however, mild pain occurs intermittently throughout the period of carrying a child.

Other causes: premenstrual syndrome (PMS), stress, back problems, physical or mental stress.

Frequent urination: Approximately 6 - 8 weeks after conception, you will feel that you want to the toilet more often than usual.

Other causes: infectious disease of the genitourinary system, diabetes, excessive fluid intake or abuse of diuretics (diuretics).

Darkening of the skin around the nipples: pregnancy also specifies the darkening of the skin around the nipples.

Other causes: hormonal imbalance unrelated to pregnancy or residual effect after the previous pregnancy.

Additional materials on the subject:
The signs of pregnancy Signs of pregnancy

The symptoms of pregnancy is individual and different for different women; however, without a doubt, the most famous and unmistakable sign of pregnancy, menstrual irregularities. It is very important to be able to identify the signs of pregnancy, because each of them can be used not only for pregnancy, but for the disease.

The pregnancy calendar Calendar pregnancy

This section presents full calendar of pregnancy. It contains information about pregnancy month by month. Calendar pregnancy reflects the physical and emotional changes occurring in the pregnant woman's body and the development of the baby. Tips and answers to questions, which contains a calendar of pregnancy will give you rest, will give confidence and will dispel any possible concerns. For convenience, the pregnancy calendar is designed by weeks.

Gymnastics for pregnant women Exercises for pregnant women

Gymnastic exercises increase the body's defenses mother, strengthen muscles, adapt the organism to physical activity, which are unavoidable during childbirth and positive effect on child development. If you've played sports, in the first half of pregnancy, you can continue playing, but in a sparing mode. This applies to swimming, badminton, tennis, running (participation in competitions, of course, excluded). But in the second half of pregnancy workout should be discontinued, leaving only the gymnastic exercises.

The problem of infertility The problem of infertility

The pair's inability to conceive a child is associated with various disorders in the body, both women and men. Poor quality of semen, low sperm motility and other disorders of spermatogenesis, and various disorders in the female reproductive system, ovulation disorders, and so on, are becoming more common phenomena in the life of couples.

Artificial insemination Artificial insemination

To help desperate childless couples came science. No one is surprised by the phrase "test-tube babies". Although, of course, who would like to know that he began his existence in this way - in a test tube? However, it's not worse, than to be found in cabbage or fly with the stork. The fact remains: has appeared in more than one million "in vitro" children, a large number of families have found happiness through artificial insemination, in particular the method of IVF - in vitro fertilization.

Male infertility Male infertility

Often the causes of male infertility are becoming commonplace sexual disorders (all types of impotence). However, the lack of an erection with a woman is not really about infertility men in General, though, and leads to the impossibility of normal fertilization. That is, a man diagnosed with impotence can potentially be plotosidae, sexually successful than his brother.

Female infertility Female infertility

According to the world Health Organization, currently there are 22 causes of female and 16 male infertility.

Shoes for pregnant women Shoes for pregnant women. What can hurt the heel?

Yes, you are pregnant. And the woman who is as yet no visible signs "interesting position", gently stroking the abdomen and joy is what it will be several months later. Head is spinning with thoughts about nutrition, the mode of the day, gymnastics, how to eliminate all harmful and dangerous for the baby. But come and sad thoughts: new dress will have to be postponed, fashion cosmetics to remove ummm, forget about the existence of a hairdresser and dear to the heart of the shoes on a high heel to give up on the shoes. But you do not want from a beautiful woman to become "the grey, ugly bun"!

As a growing stomach As a growing belly?

One of the indisputable signs of pregnancy is growing belly. And why and how it grows? It would seem that the answer is obvious: the belly is growing because the child is growing up, and it happens all expectant mothers alike, because any normal pregnancy lasts 9 months. Actually everything is much more complicated, and especially the growth of the abdomen can about ways to talk to a specialist...

Call an ambulance Calling an ambulance. The reins during pregnancy

"Call the ambulance!" this is the first thought that occurs to us when suddenly she feels worse. During pregnancy causes for concern arise more often. What can be the reason for this extra service?

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