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Patriotic upbringing of the children / Regional youth center "Outpost"
Outpost Tyumen

Outpost Tyumen

Outpost Tyumen

Outpost Tyumen

Outpost Tyumen

Outpost Tyumen

Outpost Tyumen

Outpost Tyumen

The coalition is led by Lieutenant Colonel in reserve Perov. In childhood this man wanted to be a tanker. But the destiny has disposed so, that instead he had served many years in the railway troops. Then he transferred to the reserve, however, civil rights, Alexander Nikolayevich did not become. Year served in the military enlistment office of the Leninsky district. And then he headed the Union of veterans of Afghanistan "Cascade". There was born the idea of creating a centre of pre-conscription training of young people.

- Have been in big trouble "Afghans" have concluded that a person needs from youth to prepare for extreme situations, " explains Alexander Perov. They were witnesses to many misunderstandings in the war, when young men get shot for stupidity and inexperience. The issue of opening of pre-conscription training center was considered at the meeting of the regional Council of people's deputies. Supported us. And gave us a military town on Wojnowice. The center received the status of a state institution. It was in 1993. At that time, society was dominated antipatriotism mood, no one was particularly eager for military service... And we are faced with a problem. It was necessary to competently formulate activities that we are going to do. The law "On education" it is written that military training at an educational institution organized with the consent of the students, their parents, and with funding from interested parties. We have prepared regulations based on this law. Its activity we call "Voluntary preparation of citizens for military service". And made the first call for volunteers in 1994. In our case, the interested party financing the work of the center has become the regional Committee of youth Affairs.

How many were volunteers?

The first set was a bit dramatic. We got 50 people. But there was military action in Chechnya. Someone spread the rumor that we set for enlistment, and all the guys will go to war. Some of it confused. They went away. We have only 30 volunteers. Of these seven, then really got into Chechnya. And training in the "Outpost" they came in handy. In the centre attended school more than 900 people, about 100 of them were "hot spots". And no one died! Our teachers provide the children the state of anxiety in danger, which is so necessary in war. You want to say that those guys who are not pre-conscription training, I feel the war is in danger? No of course, every person is unique. But it is harder for them to adapt to extreme conditions. The army is a very complex and rigid mechanism that presses on the psyche. There life goes by different rules. In the army one man is not a warrior. It should be part of the team - platoon, company, division... Collective action in the army justified life. Newbie need time to get used to them. But if a young person has been in this environment, the army orders him familiar.

Guys who learn from you, receive a grade in school?

No, we provide additional education. In the center of the six specialized classes that work in two directions: a comprehensive training program is a voluntary training for military service and activities of interest in sports-technical clubs. We simply declare the set, come to attend. Prinudilovki no.

Is it really so simple? After all, in order to cause the adolescent desire to undergo military training, it should be very interesting...

We have a set of classes that are of interest to guys: hand to hand combat, fire, medical, mining and parachute training, topography. More complex disciplines are studied in the second year of study. After the first year guys two weeks living in a tent camp in the field. In the second year of learning for our children there is parachute training with the implementation of 3 jumps. We walk with their pupils in the campaigns organized winter and spring competition, tactical game on the ground. They have a very dynamic life. Our center holds events and regional scale. Including competitions military-applied kinds of sport (winter in honor of the Day of defender of the Fatherland, in the spring in honor of Victory Day), the regional contest for honor guards, all-Russian youth military-Patriotic festival "Demetrius Saturday", regional meeting of young warriors (timed to the celebration of the Day of military glory of Russia - the beginning of the counter-offensive of the Soviet troops near Moscow) Since the role of the teacher in our work plays a huge role in the 2008 us for the first time a competition was held teachers of special classes of voluntary preparation for military service.

By the way, who teaches at the centre?

Teachers who are not indifferent to the fate of the younger generation, mostly former military. Among teachers many of our alumni who have served in the army. The young, like ten years ago, reluctantly goes into the army. As your pupils look at this duty? Well, they did in "the Outpost" voluntarily go. Although, of course, not all understand why? And in the process of teaching someone inevitably eliminated. Children age transition. Is growing up, breaking character. Energy, which can become a destructive force, they have a lot. We try to steer her in the right direction. Not all trained in our center are to serve in the army, but that training will not be in vain and will help in life, we are sure.

How long is the training at your center?

Two years. But the classes are held every day. The guys here spend six hours per week. After they receive the document on further education, confirming knowledge of military-applied disciplines and give them certain benefits...


Benefits relating to the military environment: advantages for admission to military schools and the possibility of choosing the type of troops during military service.

How many people are you trying to enter the course?

Among the residents of Tyumen up to 300 people. But we work as a regional methodical center, carry out methodical support of special classes of voluntary military training in the areas South of the Tyumen region. We also train teachers, invite them to seminars, courses for those who do not have pedagogical education and experience to organize the defense of the camp. How many classes doing voluntary training for military service? Currently, the system of voluntary training in the field involved more than 4,500 people. On the basis of educational institutions and institutions of additional education of children of different legal forms of governance (today 194) formed over 220 classes. Our system allows you to create a class of voluntary training in any educational institution, and we, in turn, help it all be adjusted.

What qualities do you try to educate the cadets?

Our activities are focused on the formation of personal qualities of a warrior, such as physical endurance, patience, willingness to help others, a respect for the uniform. And responsibility! Weapons irresponsibility does not forgive. Unfortunately, for example, Chechen and Afghan wars, we can conclude that the majority of deaths occur in foolishness. This can be avoided. Pay attention to mine and not to step on it, wear a bulletproof vest and wear it in the heat and so the Soldier will need to develop certain behavioral techniques that affect its security. Disorderly behavior in the war leads to death. Our graduates, who was in the area of conflict actions, not once told us thanks for what they have taught in the centre. You strengthen the cadets fighting spirit form and they will undoubtedly important in war skills. Probably will sound strange question, but affect whether you the issues of humanism? The question is not strange, but difficult. Three years ago, when the centre became an Autonomous non-profit organization, and responsibility for the quality of teaching was personally entrusted to me, I turned to our Constitution. It says that rights and freedoms are the Supreme value. And a fundamental human right - the right to life. The Constitution says that no one can deprive a person of life. However, there is a second, equally important right of freedom of conscience. That is, the person decides for himself what him to commit the act, if the conscience. And if we can shape the conscience of anyone? After all, we don't even know how the conscience works? In our power just to set an example of positive attitude to people, to share their humane Outlook on life. In the Russian Constitution does not say that you can kill in the war. It says the citizen is obliged to defend the Fatherland. Defender give up arms, but to kill him nobody gives rights. Here we ponder how to explain to the young person that you press the trigger it only when absolutely necessary. When there is no other way...

How do you explain to your students the concept of patriotism?

As devotion to the cause we serve. We are not trying to speak loud words that patriotism is love. Love in our understanding and have dedication. If we begin to philosophize on the subject of patriotism, we will go into these wilds! What is love? A sense. What is the feeling? Psychological state. And how is it formed? And so on... What patriotism is very difficult to explain. But it is known that forms the attitude towards the Homeland environment. Take our center - teachers "Outpost" with very attentive to their students, respect their rights, respect everyone as a person. This Wednesday, I think, makes the guys only positive quality.

Your cadets, getting the uniform pledge. In what it consists?

The uniform is not worn just. Guys before operation provide promise worthy to wear it, not to make defamatory acts, to observe the Charter of the centre and follow the direction of teachers. They understand that these words should be answered. Youth for grab! We consider it a solemn commitment to the educational aspect, which generates a sense of responsibility.

In the center of the "Outpost" are trained not only boys...

Yes, girls also come to us. How to explain it, I don't know. They say they are interested. And we try not to disrupt their feminine nature. His face they need to save, not to become "maglanoc". Honestly, with the girls hard work. They are capricious. But the devotees!

Alexander Nikolaevich, and you yourself feel you need such training girls?

If a girl thinks that she is useful in life, let them. She will be able to get a military occupational specialty and then, upon reaching adulthood, will be able to go into the Armed forces to serve under contract.

Alexander, tell me, and for training in your center to pay?

We educate defenders of the Fatherland, whether is it possible to talk about how to take their money for it? The logic is broken. The state (in our case, the administration of the region) clothe and feed the children, it hopes for reciprocity. If the company cares about its citizens, it in turn must answer him the same. We need to develop children's interest in self-development. We will create such conditions that, having certain knowledge and skills, the children have experienced healthy demand for creativity, self-improvement, building. You need to set some technology development. Modern man must evolve, and at the expense of their own abilities to change society for the better.

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