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"Let's all be friends" - the author's poems about friendship from Tatyana Petukhova on a children's site All children!

-Hello! Hello! The trouble! The trouble!
We have a range of water... water...
It higher and higher
Now you reach the roof!
Do not hesitate or hour
Send a diver.
To come urgently please
In apartment number eight.
The apartment, by the way,
On the street Working!-

"What you had.
Give us mercy?-
- The apartment - ocean!!-
Is the ocean?! And it's not cheating?
It's very strange
Maybe tap
Water would come out
It happens always. -
-No!! We have water from tears!

All quarrels began,
Here the Quarrel was settled,
Here pouring Slutoad.
Everyone is screaming loudly
And daughter, a neighbor,
The friendship we have!
All bathed in tears,
What will happen now with us?
Indeed, in the house the flood
, Waiting without delay,
Save us! Help!

Somewhere there were
Cute sister
Sorry, that was not a friend
Naughty girls.
They say the mother strictly:
You together should live,
Toys in the house a lot.
Why are they sharing?-

But they all quarreled,
Quarreled many times,

Angry tears fell,
Dripped from my eyes,
In the corner a long time, aside
Lay the doll down there"
Found her sister
And teases: do Not give up,
I first took the doll is mine!

The second sister is a shame,
She shouts: "Not ashamed!
All pick up!
I want to play!!
Around sister rides"
Doll pulls, crying:
-My mother ska-u-u!
With you I'm not friends-ooh!

From the Creek and from the dispute,
More Quarrel.
From capricious tears
Wet all through.
The lacrimal lake
Before the corridor.
Happy angry Quarrel:
- Here, the sea will be soon!
Be friends don't want to.
Let pours Slutoad,
Be long to flow! -
-How do we stay?-
Screaming girls them-
-You will Moslim, -
Mocked Quarrel -
Hey, a funny thing!
How swollen your nose.
Will die from tears!-

And there came under the sofa
The salty ocean!
Around all bubbled
The apartment has all swam
Blankets and pillows,
Forgotten toys,
All floating around
In the trough bent cat.

And then, just boats,
Large pans
Float a race,
Plaintively sister,
Swinging on the couch
Crying in the ocean.

And mother in a lush skirt,
Swings like a boat,
Keep the vacuum cleaner,
Screaming neighbors: S0S!-
Sosedushka, rush,
Save us, save! -
A bold neighbor,
Ducking with stools,
Hands catch fish:
Herring and mackerel,-
- Cute neighbor,
Find me pills.
From this excitement
Went up the pressure.-
Begs mom.
"Don't worry, lady.

Saves excitement:
The jam jar
A box of chocolates,
Cake and steering wheel,
Oh, these kids.-
Gossiping neighbour.
- Look, here prawns,
Where large grid?
Neighbor, I first caught
You are all little,
Well, bring the dishes,
To be friends with you I will not!-

"You Verni coin,
Greedy girlfriend, -
Quarreled neighbor,
Screaming at each other.

Fat shark
Playing with the chair leg,
Chewing quietly hat
And glances at dad,
And dad sat on a chair
And shouted: Help!!!

Mobile phone,
Where, where is he?
Found it! It is in your pocket.

"Hello? We are in the ocean!
I have already called,
We are the last effort
Hold on now,
Where is the diver?-
Demanded the father,-
Waiting for a lot of,
Wait, finally,
A call from the General!!-

The complaint will send,
Sign our whole house!-
- Shout, scold indiscriminately,-
Father urged Quarrel.-
Then without any doubt,
Spoil all of you the mood! -

In the ocean mother
Floats forward stubbornly:
"Where is my daughter dear,
My daughter's favorite.
Where is the horizon?-
She opened the umbrella.
Sighed: Oh, tired.
Forces remained small,
On the soul of sadness,
Me too, sorry
Threw one,
I think I'll besplatno, -
Stoped laughing:
- She wants to cry.
Well go ahead and cry a little longer,
And tears there will be more.

Bobbing in the ocean,
Sister on the couch
Frightened sit,
Pours Slutoad,
Quarrel very angry:
-The authorities, among other things,
I don't take
And now you eternally
'll cry!

Don't cry, granddaughter, wait!-
Grandma in the tub
Grandfather floats.
Skillfully managing,
Wipes sweat.
As paddles, ladles
Grandma's hands.
Grandfather sighed: "No crumbs
It was not in his teeth,
In the morning drink, not eat,
To ask I do not dare.
Did not want strife, -
Saratnichat Quarrel:
Now starts to cry,
To quarrel again,
Well, fiercely shout
And will be better! -

Swinging the trough,
My grandfather miserable.
Grandmother angrily
Looking at him:
"Listen to me, grandfather,
Us for many years,
Will not we are younger. -
Eyebrows sliding stricter
She says:
-Let back pain.
But you're a diver!
And should you now
To sail through them,
The poor and family.
Hear the cry granddaughter,
Where all your stuff:
Tube, helmet, vest,
Well, what do you tarry, grandfather?!-

What if I drown?
And go to the bottom of that?!
Time! And bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble...
I know, Granny,
Water-we are not afraid,
And if prostores?
And if you ache

Oh sciatica? -

"Oh, grandfather, grandfather!!
Risk without lunch
To stay you now,
Hey, diver,
Dive at last,
You're my soldier!
You, I, grandfather proud! -
"I knew that would come in handy!
He stamped his grandfather leg
And disappeared under the water.

Crying two sisters,
Poor girls,
Regretted their neighbor:
-Spoiled kids
From the earliest years
Nothing there
Shoes... capes...
Oh, dear! Though fish
Now we caught,
Enough before winter
Who knows what awaits us?
Oh look a cat
Right in the ladle
Small fish
Catches in the trough,
Hey, let's eat one's fill.
Ah, Yes, the cat Dodger
Ah, Yes, well done! -

Troubled neighbor:
-Oh, stuck the net!
There's big fish,
Great what
Pull or not?
Well, there's my grandfather?!
Where are you from, grandpa?
- Hello, coeduca,
Smiled grandfather,
I have lost track.
Says with a smile,
Share fish
Will treat her Granny,
Throw me in the pot!
I am a former diver,
Thank you all! -

News live,
What happens in the world.
Advertising about kefir,
And most importantly the apartment
The ocean there lacrimal
The question is very serious.
As girls to save?
What is the way?
How to get rid of tears,
And what happened!
Sluts telegrams,
The whole program
The computer is
The staff there checks
Team gives,
Prepared the fleet!

And here again the call:
Quiet to be able
And here I call to headquarters,
Although I am old and weak

And I for many years,
May give advice,
If there is FRIENDSHIP,
It will not help services!

All need to make peace,
Never get angry
Will not the tears to flow
And will brighten the face!
Trouble will come to an end, -
So he instructed the sage.

Mobile phone
Signals catches it.
Thousands of calls
Pope meets
And without further ADO
Tips takes.
Heard, finally,
What hath the wise man,
In the house need PEACE!
In the family you're the commander.
Make all make up,
And only then
Will chline all water
Then the family trouble
Melt like mist,
And tear of the ocean
Will disappear forever!
And everything will be fine!
Do you understand everything?
- Clear!
- Yes!!

Sage, You praise and honor!-
Cried the father.
-Good news
We shall be saved at last!
Now, relatives,
Listen to me,
Listen to the order.
Strict my order:
To stop all angry,
All need to make peace.
Understand ,my daughter. Themselves
Bullying should not mom,
And grandma and grandpa,
Forgive us sosedushka,
It's all concerned,
Let everyone smiles,
Not arguing EVER !!
Do you agree with me?!-

Without shouting and without dispute
Now all want to live.
Escaped the evil Quarrel
All dried up Slutoad.
Sister smile
Gently smile.
Now they don't cry.
On the couch jumping:
-How fun. as great.
Let's all be friends,
Capricious will not
Not going to shed tears!

News release
Sounds in the air immediately:
- Sister saved
Declare for sure!
Children were saved service,
And saved their FRIENDSHIP!
Wonder of wonders,
But the ocean has disappeared!
Where it happened
May have dreamed
The two girls,
But the lesson of serious
Be useful to them,
How to live with all you need
Only always together!

Let's always people
The joy of giving will!
Smile more often
To wish for health, happiness,
Be honest and brighter
And, most importantly, nicer

© The Author - Tatyana Petukhova
The images of Mary Glazovoy /granddaughter of author/

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