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Hormone of joy and happiness The hormone of joy and happiness

Many adults can't forget the period of youthful carelessness and wanton happiness. How often in the bus watching laughing for nothing youth. And kids who can't sit still and minutes without moving, happy jumping on the couch and bed? And the pleasure you experience from sweet or nice lunch with like-minded people? And what a wonderful feeling of freedom and inner peace occurs after a workout and sauna! Why is this possible? And to blame the endocrine glands, including the pituitary and pineal gland, which produce endorphins and serotonin, respectively.

Enuresis in children

Incontinence of urine during sleep is uncontrolled, involuntary opuskanie urine during sleep at night. Usually nocturnal enuresis reveal, since 5 years. With age, as a rule, the frequency of enuresis decreases and begins recovery.

The temperature of the child High fever in a child

Increased body temperature (fever) is a common defensive reaction in response to disease or injury. Against the background of increased temperature in infectious diseases synthesized interferons , antibodies , stimulates the ability of white blood cells to engulf and destroy foreign cells, activation of the protective properties of the liver.

Home first aid kit Home first aid kit

All supplies and materials necessary for first aid at home must be located in a special wooden or plastic box - home first-aid kit. Home first aid kit should be hung on the wall in any clean, dry place and out of the reach of the child. It is important that the kit is not exposed to direct sunlight. On the inner side of the door attach a list of materials and medicines that are in it. In any case, do not put the first aid kit in the bathroom! From moisture medicines may lose their properties, change the color, and tablets may be scattered.

Children's vaccinations Baby vaccinations

Vaccination means the introduction into the body, stimulating the development of immunity to a specific disease. Introduced into the body of the child the vaccine is a small amount of certain bacteria or viruses that cause disease. The body reacts to it by the elaboration of its own defense against this disease, so now he will be able to cope with the infection on its own, if it again gets into the organism. In order to achieve maximum protection, you must hold a full course of vaccination.

Baby massage. Massage children. Baby massage. Massage children.

Massage has on the body of the child is a versatile, extremely beneficial. Under the influence of massage with the skin along the nerve paths are directed countless streams of impulses reaching the cerebral cortex, have a tonic effect on the Central nervous system, and therefore improves its main function is to control the work of all organs and systems.

The influence of water on the child's body The influence of water on the child's body

Unborn baby (embryo) on the fifth month of fetal development at 94% consists of water. The adult human body several "land": 60-70%, which is also impressive. Imagine how our health depends on this seemingly ordinary liquid!

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