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Lazy child Lazy child

In General, the first thing you need to do, faced with the fact someone else's laziness, is to relax and not push on the pedals. Otherwise the relationship will spoil and who will remain in the same place where he stood. Better to find a compromise between their adult "must" and his children "want": not existed in the world a child who was too lazy to do what they "want" and "like". Laziness gets in the protection of their interests only if there is a risk to spend precious time life unloved lesson.

Child in hospital Tips for parents: how to behave with the child in the hospital

No need to hide from him that You go to the clinic for an appointment. Otherwise the kid will think that if You hadn't have told him about it, then, with him going to do something terrible. Children's imagination can paint a horrifying picture of the upcoming inspections which is better to tell the details of the baby, how and what will happen with him in the clinic. If he should get a vaccination or blood - what he may be hurt, but not for long.

Tests for parents Whether You are raising your child? (test for parents).

If You find that have exceeded their authority in the relationship with the child, rejoice, at least the fact that it happened in a timely manner - attentive mother is always ready to admit their mistakes.

Stress in children Posleratni stress in a child

Family life, unfortunately, is not a constant source of joy, but divorce is not the solution to conflicts, frustrations, and just everyday difficulties. Think about what it was going to divorce? What has changed in your child's life for the better?

Divorce for a child How to make divorce less painful for your child?

Have to make an effort and learn how to properly talk with a former spouse. At the stage when scandals and cries cannot be avoided, the child is on time to send to grandma. He will be able to return when open warfare will remain behind and parents will find the strength to conclude a truce and leave in a civilized manner.

Divorce First talk about the divorce of her parents

Required: permanent omissions can lead to fears and other undesirable effects, the more that child will sooner or later comes to know about it.

Children's fears Children's fears

Fear and other unpleasant emotions (anger, suffering and temper), are not clearly "bad" emotions for the child. Every emotion has a specific function and allows children and adults to navigate in the subject and the social environment. So, fear protects the individual from unnecessary risk when crossing the street or Hiking in the mountains. Fear regulates the activity, behavior, leads a person away from danger, the possibility of injury, etc. this is the "protective" function of fears. They are involved in instinctive behavior, providing self-preservation.

Parent programming Parent programming as a source of socio-psychological problems of the child

The family plays a primary role in shaping the personality of the growing child regardless of the will and even the consciousness of the parents. In fact, adults have already their behavior is able to program the behavior of the child in the years ahead. E. Berne on this occasion writes: "From the first months of a child's life are taught not only what to do but also what to see, hear, touch, think and feel. And besides all this, he also say whether it will be a winner or a loser and how to end his life."

Children lying Lie baby

Most parents of small false child will not seem a serious offense. And yet it causes adults to reflect on some important questions, and the first of them: "what to do with the deceiver?"

Catalogue of effects that influence the personality development of the child Catalogue of effects that influence the personality development of a child

Catalogue of effects influencing the development of the child's personality typical ways of communicating with parents

Crisis periods personality development of the child Crisis periods in the development of the child's personality

Real fellowship people who deliberately not using any scientific periodization of mental development, necessarily contains his household (and justified this view of the period of human life, which is reflected in the verbal labeling of different ages, for example, child, child, child, preschool, student, teenager, young man, young man, man, Mature man, old man. To avoid confusion, we propose to follow common practice age periodization adopted at the International Symposium, Moscow in 1965.

The way children of different sex in the minds of parents The way children of different sex in the minds of parents

C. L. Sitnikov revealed some peculiarities in regard to fathers and mothers to their children, depending on their gender. In his opinion, fathers are more attentive to how children perceive themselves.

Aggressive children Aggressiveness in children

Aggression (from lat. aggredi - attack is any form of conduct that aims to insult or harm to another living creature.

The participation of the father in the upbringing of the child The participation of the father in the upbringing of the child

At what age the boy's education should fully assume the father? This question mothers are not out of idle curiosity, I'm afraid that his son will grow too soft, feminine, dependent on the mother, or even women in General.

Notice to the parent from the child Notice to the parent from the child

"Let your house be like the garden, where joy is ringing in the voices of children and childhood filled with happiness.

Seven rules of conduct of the fathers Seven rules of conduct fathers

When You acknowledge that the most important thing in life for You are children, every hour You lived on the earth will be filled with special meaning, and it will be the best decision of Your life.

Family education Family education is the basis of the formation of the child's health

A proper education is one of the most important components of the health of the child. In addition to the physical characteristics of the child, the correct nutrition and teach hygiene skills are extremely important psychological relations in the family: parents and children influence each other.

A generalized list of the main errors in educational activities parents A generalized list of the main errors in educational activities parents

A generalized list of the major bugs in the educational activity of the parents. Common mistakes parents in the education of children.

Adaptation to the kindergarten Adaptation to kindergarten

Kindergarten maladjustment occurs more frequently than school, but it rarely pay attention to both parents and professionals, considering almost the norm morning crying before parting with his mother, constant respiratory disease, a sharp contrast between the behavior of the child in the garden and home.

How to teach a child good behavior? How to teach a child good behavior?

"Just look at this mess!", "You slob!", "When you learn to do what you're told!", "Again you are doing everything wrong!", "How many times have you said?" Unfortunately, it is worth some time to observe the parents and the child in some crowded place, and you will hear phrases such as these. Such comments only worsen the child's self-esteem, do not teach him proper behavior, but only to report that he did something bad.

How to praise your child? How to praise your child?

First of all, say that to praise your child needs! People involved in education and training of children, parents should keep in mind that to start any business need with a sense of success (this is true not only for children but also for adults). The feeling of success should be manifested not only at the end, but to be at the beginning of the action. Creating conditions that cause children a sense of joy, find, overcome, represents a special challenge for the professional educator.

Gender identification in children Gender identification in children

Gender identity confesses during the life of a person in the course of absorption of individual cultural system of a society. Understanding the Constitution of its floor is formed in children by the age of 5-7 years, and later it develops and substantial saturation at the expense of their own experience. On the sexual identity of the child is influenced by several factors of family relationships.

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