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Food / calories

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you must keep daily calories person and try not to exceed them. The normal number of calories consumed in a day depends on sex, age, type of human activity, and climate. Children as they get older, and growth requires more calories for the full development of the body. In the adult daily allowance of calories is reduced depending on age: the older you are, the less it needs energy. This, of course, does not apply to those who engage in physical exercise and in old age! Men norm calories per day higher than in women. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should remember enough calories for themselves and for their children. Athletes can consume in a day is 1.5 - 1.8 times more calories than people who are not involved in sports. Do not forget that considering your diet, you must take into account not only the number of calories that you consume per day, but their "quality". It is wrong to think that it is important not to exceed your daily requirement of calories, but at the expense of any products to gain - no matter. Your food should be balanced and contain sufficient amounts of protein and a moderate amount of carbohydrates and fats, over which, as is well known, and leads to fat deposition. Fats should account for no more than 20-30% of your daily calories, carbohydrates - not more than 50%. Your diet must include fruits and vegetables, preferably fresh, and cereals.

The daily caloric needs of certain categories of people

from 6 months to 1 year 800
from 1 year to 1.5 years 1330
1,5 - 3 years 1480
3 - 4 years 1800
5 - 6 years 1990
7 - 10 years 2380
11 - 13 years 2860
Boys 14 - 17 years 3160
Girls 14 - 17 years 2760
Pregnant women 3200
Nursing mothers 3500
Students (men) 3300
Students (women) 2800
Athletes: men 4500 - 5000
Athletes:women 3500 - 4000
Men engaged in hard physical work. 4500 and more

Daily calories, depending on physical activity and age

Groups according to the intensity of labor Age Men Women
Big cities Small cities and villages Additional physical load Big cities Small cities and villages Additional physical load
big cities small town big cities small town
The person whose work is not related to the cost of physical labor (workers, employees) 18-40 2800 3000 3100 3300 2400 2600 2650 2850
40-60 2600 2800 2800 3000 2200 2400 2350 2550
Workers mechanized labor and services (telephone operators, vendors, etc.) 18-40 3000 3200 3300 3500 2550 2750 2800 3000
40-60 2800 3000 3000 3200 2350 2550 2500 2700
Workers mechanized labour, labour which is associated with considerable physical effort (machine operators, textile workers, etc.,) 18-40 3200 3400 3500 3700 2700 2900 2950 3150
40-60 2900 3100 3100 3300 2500 2700 2650 2850
Workers partially mechanized labor (miners, mechanics, metallurgists, etc.,) 18-40 3700 3900 4000 4200 3150 3350 3400 3600
40-60 3400 3600 3600 3800 2900 3100 3050 3250
The elderly 60-70 2350 2500 2500 2650 2100 2200 2200 2500
over 70 2200 2000
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