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Russians celebrate Grandparents, October 28 - in the last warm autumn days when all you want to retain more heat before the long winter, to gather the whole family and make conversation.

The initiator of the festival in Russia became the Flower Council of Holland. Joined the initiative of the Russian florists, special offer flower arrangements, decorated in the style of the Day Grandparents

For the first time this family feast was celebrated Canadians, who in September was greeted his grandparents on their holiday, gave flowers and arranged a picnic or home celebration. Soon, the holiday has become so popular that it began to celebrate in the world.

The poles, for example, celebrate Grandparents for two days in a row. According to tradition these days grandmothers entertain their grandchildren pies, and they in turn give grandparents gifts.

In France, this day is celebrated on the first Sunday of March. On this day in travel agencies offers free travel on buses for grandparents and grandchildren, and in stores open a special section, where the only(!) grandmothers can buy goods at a discount.

Italians celebrate Grandparents in October. Interestingly, this day, according to the Catholic calendar is dedicated to the guardian angel, which in modern families are often just grandparents.

In Europe this holiday is celebrated annually on the last few years, and in 2009 Russia joined the celebration of Grandparents. October 28 - the new date in the calendar of holidays of our country, which is becoming a great tradition in Russian families. Day and Grandparents dedicated to the most senior members of our families and helps to bridge generations and to unite the family.

Poems happy grandmothers Poems grandmother

A selection of poems by various authors favorite for grandmas from kids site "All children"

Poems happy grandparents Poems grandpa

Poems-congratulations on grandparents Day grandparents.

Greeting cards grandmother Greeting cards grandmother

Postcards from the designer's site, "All children" congratulations to the grandparents on holiday.

Greeting cards grandfather Greeting cards grandpa

Postcards from the designer's site, "All children" greetings beloved and respected grandparents on holiday!

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