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Kindergarten / Day teacher
Poems caregiver - the original collection from the editors of the website "All children". Presents baby poems about kindergarten will be a great gift on the Day of the tutor!

September 27 - new national holiday "Day of the teacher and preschool workers".

The day of the educator and preschool education was established in 2004 on the initiative of several national pedagogical publications.

The first kindergarten in Russia was opened in St. Petersburg on September 27, 1863. Together with her husband founded his Adelaide S. Simonovic, big impassioned advocate and fantasized life. Its establishment took children 3-8 years. In the "garden" were outdoor games, design and even the course of Rodnoverie. But Simonovic this was not enough, and she began to publish a special magazine "kindergarten".

Poems caregiver

The teacher and assistant teacher!
You today we congratulate sure!
In the group of nursery children smile
You for this thanks relies.

Replace you mom our Krasicka.
You kids don't miss the window,
And play, learn useful
And go towards the world interesting!

In the quiet hour you never rest,
Kids, babies gently cover.
For the care of the maternal heart
Thank you! Childhood is a fleeting time.

Only the first educator for the baby
Like a mother that raises him from palenicek.
Let decency parents appreciated.
Life preschool worker will change!

To appreciate the state educators,
Their problems were more closely.
Congratulations on this wonderful date.
For good, then good will come back for sure!

Irina Samarin-Maze


May just have become familiar to us,
But to not see that it is impossible,
What do teachers usually
In the evening, tired eyes.
We don't know what it is
Kids restless Roy.
Here one will not rest
Not that sort of family.
That is hilarious, and this one looks askance,
The brawler, it picks the fight.
And the questions?! A thousand questions
And the answer requires any.
How much affection and care
To help everyone and everyone to understand,
Grateful and hard work -
Daily mom to replace.
Not anxious at work mother
Funny childish voice.
Because I always watch for kids
Good, tired eyes.


Dear educators
From the happy mums and dads:
What would children we have to do
If not given you?
We are half an hour that morning.
And for three hours under the night
Cry all from inability
Son to learn or daughter.
How do you all days of the week
From eight to six,
Can, in fact,
Our offspring's mouth?
In their quirks to understand
Their ignorance to endure...
Not allow them to fight
And boredom to die!


It was: and the road and tribulations,
And the sun light and light favorite eyes:
I peer into the past
And with a warm feeling I remember You.
It's You my soul sown
Love for the land, to dwell on the earth,
To the native forests, and to the NIV plentiful,
And the warm aromas of poplars.
The example was taken from You,
Went to you for advice,
The reward was the sight of your eyes alive,
You gave me so much warmth and light,
That will be enough to heat ten.
And you breathe in me managed
Always go forward,
And to see the light of the promised goal,
And not to be afraid of adversity.
You give all the great work,
You in the children's minds awake dream.
Thank you for what you live,
For your work and thoughts of beauty!


This bread was raw,
Undercooked porridge -
Deficiencies of our kitchen
Give to Your kitchen.
We hope for Your worrisome agility,
We take raw materials, and only rely on You.
You should add it to come out just right,
A good honey and salt perseverance.
How many fathers, a stubborn will tell You in ridiculous dispute.
"Here need to add salt - the Teacher, salt!"
Parent tips will be the same from year to year.
"Add more honey - Teacher, honey!"
All bosses will despise You their orders.
"More oil!", "Pour some water!",
"All I need to do at once!"
Have the same courage and his hold brand.
Make sure to do boldly - it will not go down the drain.
To bread the surprise! Best price -
From notorious knave, from any of Saloniki.


Fulfilled roles.
The dialogue at 7 am
Early morning, the dialogue in 7 hours:
- Daughter, daughter, Breakfast is ready.
- Mommy, just a little lie down.
But I also then you will not Wake,
Wake up? get up in the garden it's time.
"Oh, I don't want to go there!
Mama (quietly): "Daughter, it is necessary -
You're the head of kindergarten!"
That's 9 hours of morning,
And already on the threshold of a nurse.
Before we issue # 1:
We diphtheria, we quarantine.
Need more in the garden to escape,
Nurses rather all together.
Bleach and soap, brush, water.
The SES will come to us - you get in trouble.
9.15 - the phone rings:
- The event must be given to the district.
Again the problem - all you need to collect,
To quickly decide what to show.
10.00 - like a locomotive,
In door to me is steward:
- No heating, heats the basement!
Pipes, plumbing I not got it!
Again the problem. We call to the house management office,
Maybe even something to help it.
12.15-report card writing
To pass it you need a very hurry.
13.00 - I have a teachers ' meeting,
You need to give people good advice.
14.30 - running in the education Department.
I, of course, everyone will get,
But the directions there will take.
17.00 - go to the Cabinet,
There my cold, sour lunch.
Only I can't eat,
I'm on the meeting quickly run.
The parents of many to come,
They worry about what their kids waiting.
I detail all tell
Group of kindergarten they will be shown.
18.15 - the phone rings,
Tomorrow you will come to the entire area.
19.00 - guard left
It is more expensive work found.
- What can I do? How can I be?
New watchmen where to get?
While the man on the spot found
Late at night came home.
Only closed my eyes,
Matochkin voice I heard:
My daughter, get up in the garden time
In the garden is a celebration of all the children.
- No! No, I'm not going to are!
Better die, drown, shot!!!
Mama (quietly): "Daughter, it is necessary -
You're the head of kindergarten!"


Who teaches unsparingly
country great generation?
In whom zeal daring not cold?
Who daily struggle

In honor erected,
Health spending every hour?
Over who shines halo?
Who always looks perfect?

Of course !Educator! Yes!
Humane, wise, and calm,
N. guard conscience always,
Beautiful, simple and decent!

So let this bright hour
You give people compliments.
You are the salt of the earth! We love You!
You sound applause!

For your delight and thumping hearts!
We wish You all success!
Big salaries, finally!
Health, happiness, light, laughter!


Eyes wide open, quailing a little,
As in the tale are in the garden, where
Meets them as if fairy
With a magic wand in his hand.

How hard it is to be “DNEVNOY mother”
For two dozen kids,
Day mom!, - oddly enough,
But it is so suited to it.

And life is bright and beautiful,
As in the tale that will tell them
It lives in your country happy,
Where there are problems, where everyone we love.

Where the evil sorcerer always in burnout,
And all Princess good,
And knight there with luck in a pair
Love to save his hurry.

Will be filled with laughter and hiccups
When distort words,
And baby talk like notes
The plot of the new canvas.

Where evil with good lives next door
And the beauty is committed in the house,
All this is called childhood
And this moment is lived in it.

The baby will share her happiness,
What came suddenly very,
Resentment is the cloud in bad weather,
After a minute again light.

So, tinsel decorating
Such a confusing adult world,
Keeps their child start,
Because it will have to survive them.

And in the dance of a child's eyes,
Their pure thoughts and desires,
Itself will be cleaned more than once,


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