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Nursery / Children to play football

How to rebuild the nursery, to add a bed for a second child, to hide in a bunch of boxes of toys and in addition to leave the room space to play football? Olga Peace, whose bright apartment is located in city mytisci, decided this question, replacing the old komoditi from "Ikea" on a bunk bed, a large wardrobe and medium size chest.

Olga a former lawyer and now a mother of two children and an active supporter of healthy nutrition (without a palatable cocktail correspondents from her home do not go away). When a small movie (1.3 years) grew up, and when it's time to break away from the parental nest to move to his own bed, Olga decided to do remodeling of child and left a request on the website first in the search company. She was Ronikon.

Of course, the view Olga and designer who froze, not corresponded. "I wanted me to be a climbing frame. In a corner was a Cabinet, it's bed for the first child. On the second bed and dresser, and the other wall is also a wardrobe and a chest of drawers. But in the end made everything quite differently-bunk bed, a large wardrobe and a chest of drawers. And I'm happy with," says Olga.

COLOR. Color child I had no doubt. The window in our apartment face the sun, so the whole interior in light colours, which I am very proud. Children also made light.

TEHNICKI. Above the bed of the eldest son is very convenient shelves. It's his tinychat. There he puts all his money-box, little secrets some. And it's also very convenient that the Cabinet is near, and when I him at night and read a book, I put it up.

SUPPORT. These shelves for books at the same time fulfilling the role of a support for the upper bunk bed. And actually it is good that they are there - very convenient to put some small items.

WAVES. The bumpers are designed in the form of waves and more pleasant to the eye, and children safer.

The WARDROBE. The Cabinet initially wanted to make the corner and is much lower but the designer even refused to draw such. In the end we have a large, three-door wardrobe, where everything is placed.

The DRAWERS. Just design 11 boxes located under the bed, in the drawers, and that's really cool, in the stairs. Is placed in them anything we recommend.

BROADER. The lower level of the bed is wider than the upper 20 mm of the Top - 90mm, bottom - 110mm. This is useful because sometimes I sleep with a kid, but I was afraid, will not look aesthetically pleasing. And the result was a natural and good.

A SIDE. To ensure that the baby does not fall, there is a special edge. It is small at first glance, but it helps.

ROOM. Thought that the design will eat up a lot of space, but everything was so compact that even in football you can play that guys sometimes do.

More information about children's rooms you can get on the company's website Ronikon.


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