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We advice You to read articles on design the nursery for your baby. This section contains a large number of photos and ideas of design. Create the interior of the nursery for your child and give it the personal space!

Painting the walls in the nursery Painting the walls in the nursery

Painting the walls in the nursery is not just a design course, but also a significant contribution to the development of the child. Because the baby needed only a little push, which awaken his imagination will make with irrepressible force to work the imagination. Developmental psychology argues that the intensive work of the children's imagination provides many positive qualities of the future personality: will-power, active thinking, good memory, the ability to solve complex problems, and, of course, creativity.

The bedroom of little Princess The little Princess bedroom

Charming She told me about her room from factory cabinets Ronikon, and at the same time initiated us into the secrets of the house for the dolls, games with friends, their favorite dresses and even called for help dad. Look=)

Children to play football Children playing football

How to rebuild the nursery, to add a bed for a second child, to hide in a bunch of boxes of toys and in addition to leave the room space to play football? Olga Peace, whose bright apartment is located in city mytisci, decided this question, replacing the old komoditi from "Ikea" on a bunk bed, a large wardrobe and medium size chest.

Ottomans for a child's room The original and comfortable Ottomans for child's room

Childhood - happy stage in every person's life when every day is maximally filled with new discoveries and new knowledge about the hitherto unknown world. During this period, a caring and loving parents should provide the maximum level of comfort and convenience for your growing child, for the full development of his personality.

Requirements for the nursery Requirements for the nursery

The room should be quite bright and airy. If you are in the apartment rooms facing different directions, and they are all well lit by the sun (only at different times of the day), then it is better to arrange the children in a room facing East or South-East. Because the healthy rays of the sun - the morning, illuminating the room from 7 a.m. until noon. They do not have a lot of infrared radiation, and there is a good, healthy ultraviolet light. When the choice is desirable that the room was not passing and had a balcony.

Zoning nursery Zoning nursery

Children's room is a multipurpose room. So on a limited area, you need to create a comfortable space suitable for all possible purposes: recreation, entertaining, games, activities, hobby. On this basis, we can distinguish several zones, which in varying degrees, must be present in the nursery.

The color of the nursery The color of the nursery: choose the best option

How to choose the color of the room of the child? The choice may depend on the temperament of the child - energetic child prefers bold and cheerful colors, modest and calm the child prefers pastel, netrillium tones. But when the choice of colours, parents can adjust the behavior of the child - if he is very active - you can choose soothing colors (combining with an interesting design of the room), and Vice versa. Remember that red always affects the physical condition, the yellow on the mental and blue - emotional. Affect and shades.

Nursery for girls Nursery for girls

Room for girls is the combination of beauty, tenderness and comfort. These qualities are characteristic of the design the nursery for girls of any age. Some features of the arrangement of room for kids, girls, pre-school age and adolescents.

Nursery for girls Nursery for a boy

Nursery for a boy is a special world - simple and neat, comfortable and functional. We can assume that with the design of the first room of the boy begins the cultivation of taste. Cot, wall paintings, and child that sees the baby more often. Let's see how to make room for a boy according to his age.

Children's room for two children Children's room for two children

Children's room for two children is a very complex project. First, in one room you need to place two beds and two workers. Secondly, consider the peculiarities of each child. Third, to find a place for personal space.

Nursery for adolescents Children's room for teenagers

Children's room for a teenager is an expression of his new attitude. When changing views, tastes and views, the necessary changes in the environment. The feature of the room of a teenage versatility. The constant change of activity, Hobbies, interests, your room should provide the opportunity for all. First, the chest will store the skateboard and ski equipment, and then diving suit, and so should be in everything.

Nursery for boy and girls Nursery for boy and girls

Nursery for a boy - the struggle of opposites, the strictness against diversity, accessories against simplicity. The project of this room is a very complex task.

Making your child's room The infant rooms

That nursery is unique and found his face, complete with accessories. It is the original design ideas will help make your child's room unique and interesting. Thanks to them, you can dramatically change the design of the room depending on the child's needs, interests and Hobbies.

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