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Kindergarten / What to do in the period of adaptation in kindergarten - tips for parents

  1. Tell the childthat awaits him in kindergarten. To set the child on a positive footing. To convince him that it's great that he has grown to the garden and got so big.

  2. Be calm, do not show the child his concern. When you leave, part with child quickly and easily. Of course, you're worried about how he will be in kindergarten, but a long farewell with an anxious expression, will cause the baby is disturbing that with him here, something might happen, and it will let you go."

  3. Devise and rehearse a few different ways of farewell.

  4. Ask other family members to take your child in the manger. If the child is very hard going through a separation with her mother, it is desirable that the first few weeks of the child was given by the father, grandmother or grandfather.

  5. PLucite child to kindergarten gradually. Not to leave him at preschool staff for the day, as early as possible to take home. If possible be present in the group with your child the first few days or weeks.

  6. Give your child with a favorite toy or some thing.

  7. After visiting the kindergarten walk with a child in the Park, on the Playground. Allow the child to move, play outdoor games.

  8. To create a peaceful, conflict-free climate for him in the family.

  9. To spare his weakened nervous system.

  10. Do not increase, and to reduce the load on the nervous system. To stop going to the circus, theater, guests. Much to shorten the television.

  11. As soon as possible to inform the doctor and caregivers about the personality of the kid.

  12. Don't coddle your childand dress him up as necessary in accordance with the temperature in the group.

  13. Create a weekend at home for him, mode is the same as in child care.

  14. Not to react to the antics of the child and punish him for his childish whims.

  15. When the detected change in the normal behavior of the child as early as possible to go to the pediatrician or psychologist.

  16. When expressed neurotic reactions to leave your baby for a few days at home and to fulfill all requirements of a specialist.

  17. Be patient.


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