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Kindergarten / Graduation in kindergarten: poems for children, teachers, ideas invitations

Graduation in kindergarten: poems for children, teachers, ideas invitations.
Text for invitation of staff of the kindergarten.

Text can be written on the boats, paper, airplanes, paper petals from flowers.

On the ball last and farewell
We are waiting for you tomorrow at the pier
Indeed, in our lovely town
We were quite happy
But grown. Became the city close
And the world around is so interesting
We are in the sea “knowledge” keep the way
Come to us hand to wave.


In kindergarten with all
We were friends for many days,
And now another thing -
There are concerns povazhny.
In your portfolio notebook
I hold in my hand a bouquet,
All the familiar boys
Surprised watching.
Why fun day?
Why everyone happy?
We proceed to the school.
Goodbye, kindergarten!


Today we say goodbye
Favorite kindergarten,
We grew up, we grew up,
We have to go to school need.
Thank you teachers,
Thanks to our nanny,
And the doctor, and the cook,
We all "thank you" for example.
Today is a special day -
And sad, and funny.
We grew up, we grew up!
Go to school!


Dolls, bears and parsley
Sad look at the guys.
Goodbye, toys,
Goodbye, kindergarten.
Bag new notebooks,
Pens and pencils.
Goodbye, horses.
We have no kids.


Today the excitement to restrain impossible
The last of your holiday in kindergarten.
At the heart of the us and warmth, and anxious -
've grown children and go to school.
But as difficult to part us,
And you from under the wing in the light release!
You have become dear, you are friends,
And you better don't seem to find it.
Today, guys, we congratulate you!
You go to school to learn, to make friends.
Success, good health to you all wish
And their kindergarten never forget.


Sad day in the yard in farewell this hour,
You all will go in September to study in the first class.
Take bags, books, notebooks, diaries,
And the song loud crows you school bells!


The holiday is not easy for us,
It only happens once,
Today in kindergarten
Visit us knowingly in a hurry.
This holiday our fun,
Because soon the school.
Just wish to say good-bye it
We loved kindergarten.
Here we were friends, played,
Letters first learned
Imperceptibly grew up
And a very large steel.
This holiday - the day of farewell,
Sad and funny.
Kindergarten our bye!
Hello, Hello, school!


Wishes caregivers, nanny.

Thank you teachers
For affection and warmth.
We were with you side by side
And gloomy day light.
You pitied us, loved,
You have, as the flowers were grown.
Dal that we can
To take with them to the first class.


You every day and every hour,
Hard dedicated work,
One thought about us,
One care live.
So we have known the earth,
And to be honest we were growing,
Thanks nannies, caregivers,
All good thank you!


You, of course, the work is hard!
I want to say that children now in school
Will be imparted to order You!
Work-worn by women
Order was restored all day long!
And the teacher to insure sometimes
For the group to look You had,
We wish joy You worked
So grateful were the work!
Don't educator name,
May You his assistant only,
But You cares enough enough
What us your work is not to evaluate,
Manage You are unlikely to forget,
We wish You health and happiness in the future,
Burn and burn!


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