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Development of the CHILD / children (12 months)
Development of the child in months described in this section children's site "All children". Select the desired period for the baby's development (1 to 12 months).
Development of the child in months Children (1 month)

Most child likes to listen to the human voice. Greet him, entering the room, and use every opportunity to talk with him. Speak loudly, if you want to attract baby's attention, and quiet when you need to calm him down. Changing the voice from low to high and Vice versa, it is possible to maintain the child's interest long enough.

Children (2 months) Children (2 months)

When the child is awake, make sure that he wears easy and convenient: the less clothing, the better. Don't forget that the baby is more active, when feeling cool. Make sure that your child does not get bored when he is not sleeping. Try to make it so that he could see things from different sides. Change its position, planting, for example, in a high chair or seat.

Children (3 months) Children (3 months)

In three months the child is striving to use their physical abilities, so he especially likes to hit arms and legs on a variety of subjects. Attach to the crib suspension with different toys (or just use a rope). It is best to take the toys after they are hit start to ring or to swing and rotate. Arrange the baby so that he could reach them first with hands and then feet. If you stick to sling plastic circle painted on its face, it will make the game even more fun.

Children (4 months) Children (4 months)

The child likes to look at the world from different sides. (In a sitting position it is easier for him to talk with mom and dad and watch their movements.) Every day briefly put the baby so he could have something to lean on. Use the child seat or high chair. When the child learns to balance, it can be planted on the floor and surrounded by pillows.

Children (5 months) Children (5 months)

Lower down all hanging high up toys, to which the child tries to reach. It no longer satisfies the observation of interesting objects from afar. He wants to grab them, shake, play around and see up close. If it is impossible to omit the toy to which it stretches, it would be better to remove it altogether. Take your child for a walk, taking in the baby backpack. The backpacks, which are fixed in front, suitable for this purpose is better, because the child can see your face when you talk to him.

Children (6 months) Children (6 months)

If the baby began to move independently, he will inevitably begin to travel home. To bar the approaches to the stairs, close the door to the bathroom, cover receptacle, protect the child from sharp corners, lock to lock the drawers in the Cabinet. Avoid accidents! All poisonous substances, detergents and medicines should be hidden.

Children (7 months) Children (7 months)

Children like to watch the games of other children. Let him be with kids his age and to create among them a friend. Children love to play, being in different positions - sitting or standing. If your baby learns to stand, remove from the child table breakable items and instead lay his favorite toys.

Children (8 months) Children (8 months)

Now the child has learned to move independently, and he wants to explore the whole house. Try to make the world interesting (and safe!). Well, if in the kitchen you will give your baby a separate "office" with different jars, pots and spoons. And "private" box in the Cabinet in the bathroom will occupy the attention of the "owner", when adults need a minute to go. In this box you can put all sorts of tubes, boxes, books or toys. In rooms where there is a child, it makes sense to put a small basket with toys, so the baby will be able everywhere to find something new and exciting for their games.

Children (9 months) Children (9 months)

Nine-month-old child does not take seriously the word "no" - for him, the whole house seems big magic game. He wants all to explore and touch, so you, taking into account the child before the invasion, we should check all the contents of the house on sustainability. Any room in which the child can be alone or with parents, busy with other business, you should carefully investigation.

Children (10 months) Children (10 months)

Ten-month baby needs diversity. Even if the house has various interesting activities and toys baby still needs some time to spend outside the home. A trip in the car, shopping, visiting with a family member or playmate extremely important not only for the mother but also for the child.

Children (11 months) Children (11 months)

Kid likes to ride in the car, but now he doesn't fall asleep immediately, as before. Hang it above your seat, large beads or curler to entertain baby while traveling. Going to the grocery store, take the baby. Usually such walks are a good influence on children. Tell your child about what he sees, and let him put in the basket a few small items. Remember that giving the child something to eat while walking, you can gradually develop the habit that will be hard to get rid of.

Children (12 months) Children (12 months)

One-year-old kid is active experimenter that the necessary conditions for the conduct of its research. Try to make the environment possessed him to these classes. Put in a room boxes with interesting things. Hide behind the chair toys or tie them with ribbons, so that the baby could pull them. When a child finds something interesting - shadow on the wall, scraping a piece of foil, smooth warm stones, and tell him about these subjects. The more you show interest in the findings of the kid, the more energetic he continues his search.

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