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Social protection / About specialized educational institutions for people with disabilities.

Educational institutions of the Ministry of health of Russia work in Russia specifically for people with disabilities, who on the basis of existing health disorders and the need for social support from the state defined disability.

In the system of the Federal Agency for healthcare and social development of the Russian Federation operate 40 educational institutions of primary and secondary vocational education, located in 35 cities and towns of Russia. Among them Novocherkassk College boarding school, including College, boarding school, St. Michael College of Economics boarding school, Moscow state humanitarian-technical College-boarding school (one of the few educational institutions for persons with disorders of the musculoskeletal system), all College-boarding school.

The purpose of specialised educational institutions - training of persons with disabilities competitive specialists with secondary vocational education and workers with basic vocational education, and on this basis the promotion of their most full integration into society. Training is carried out on demand in the labour market and recommended for employment of persons with disabilities professions, such as cutter, the operator of sewing equipment, the operator of electronic computing machines, radiotechnic on repair and maintenance of radios, televisions, Turner, manufacturer of bakery products, accountant, as well as on subjects such as law and social security, advertising, computer science, Finance (industry), design.

These and many other professions and trades to help develop qualified teachers with experience of working with disabled people, understand their difficulties and are ready to help. Educational institutions also work in 3 areas: vocational rehabilitation, social rehabilitation, medical support, i.e. in addition to specially equipped classrooms, in such educational institutions have offices psychological testing and psychological relaxation, libraries, gyms, rooms for social adaptation, massage rooms, clinics with modern equipment. Great attention is paid to the rich and interesting student life, conducted the dedication to students, the celebration of various holidays, KVN games, sports competitions, festivals and concerts. In the majority of specialized educational institutions can act not only children but also adults. Students are in public care, free education, food, residence medical care.

It should be noted that the admission of any level, regardless of their territorial jurisdiction, shall be in accordance with the recommendations of professional training, formed in the individual program of rehabilitation (IPR). Those who disability is determined without period recertification, as well as disabled children who do not have individual program of rehabilitation, prior to the submission of documents to the admissions Committee, should contact the Bureau of medical-social expertise to develop a program of vocational rehabilitation, which is one of the sections of Ypres.

More information about specialized schools for disabled system University can be obtained at the Bureau of the ITU's place of residence, as well as in the Main Bureau of the ITU in the Tyumen region, located at the address: , Tyumen, street Shishkov 6, page 1, contact phone 47-58-89, extension 105. On the site of the Central Bureau, ITU in the section "Supplemental information" can be found addresses and phone numbers of specialized educational institutions of the University system, as well as addresses and phone numbers of educational institutions of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, which also admit people with disabilities.

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