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Development of the CHILD FROM 3 TO 5 YEARS / Study days of the week with your child

Click on the image with the day to download it

How to teach children the days of the week

How to learn the days of the week the child

How to remember the days of the week the child

The days of the week in pictures for children

Picture the days of the week

Funny pictures days of the week

Funny pictures days of the week download

For a child younger preschool age concepts such as days of needle is tough, as they call them, you cannot touch, you cannot call them color). But to use it, to be able to operate such a simple (for adults) concepts is very convenient.

On Monday we go to the doctor on Friday you will go to the grandmother to visit, and on Sunday we will come visit... you will agree, if you don't know what it is, very difficult to navigate and understand the mother.

To make learning easier and interesting process, we offer You several options for learning days of the week with a child of primary school age:

1. Memorize a few verses: you not only will once again strengthen the emerging memory, but will record the sequence of days of the week in the form of a game.

Bear Monday morning Looked into fragrant spruce The little ant this afternoon he helped to build a house And Tuesday it rained Mishka the wolf came Hadn't seen him a long time and played dominoes On Wednesday Teddy Bear to red squirrel Looked at gatherings Together a book revered and nuts clicked And on Thursday woke up Teddy bear and beaver went on a haircut made fashionable hairstyle bought a comb On Friday with a new hairstyle bear in Bor went pine together with the hare was glad he there to collect a bucket of butter And on a nice Saturday Bear our went to the swamp met with frog treated him maslanka in the last day - Sunday Mishka is already jam all friends are invited to the feast even birds have not forgotten One after another flew seven fun-filled days of the week bear all managed all my friends was able to help.

poems will be presented below

2. Make handwritten calendar only for a week, add every day a piece (or check if sheet solid), so the child will be able to "touch" the days of the week. He will understand the division - a new day - a new name. Scroll this calendar in Tonnie few weeks, so the kid understood the sequence. You can write or paste pictures of the passed day or memorable events.

possible variant of the calendar week.

Give us a animals
How to remember the days of the week
Bunny-the craftsman!
Behind him comes Tuesday
For Tuesday-Wednesday
Lisichkina food.
Environment Thursday
Wolf eyes flick.
For Thursday to Friday us
The ball is rolled up.
For Pyatnitsky - Saturday
Bath at the raccoon.
For Saturday Sunday
The whole day we have fun.



Big brother MONDAY
Hard worker, not a bum.
He week opens
All work forces.
TUESDAY followed by brother
His ideas richly,
He is for all bereisa safely
And the work began.
's middle sister
Not proper for her to be lazy,
And her name is WEDNESDAY,
Mistress anywhere.
Brother THURSDAY, throwing,
He's dreamy, eccentric
Turned to the end of the week
And lasted barely barely.
FRIDAY - sister managed
Pabitra to finish to finish the job.
If you are making progress,
Time for fun.

The penultimate brother SATURDAY
Do not go to work.
Loafer and naughty
It work not used.
He has another talent -
He is a poet and musician,
Yes not a joiner and carpenter,
Traveler, hunter.
Visit goes SUNDAY,
Loves treats.
This is the younger brother,
You go he will be happy.
Seven of them look exactly.
All remember? Repeat.

S. Mikhalkov


What Emelia, like week
We asked Emelya:
-Tell us the days of the week.
Became Emelya to remember.
Became Emelia Be Called.
- Guy shouted at me "slacker" -
It was MONDAY.
On the fence I climbed, and the janitor
Chased me with a broom on TUESDAY.
On WEDNESDAY I caught the bug
And fell down from the attic.
Fought on THURSDAY with cats
And stuck under the gate.
On FRIDAY teased the dog
Tore myself a shirt.
And on SATURDAY - that's fun! -
The pig went riding.
SUNDAY was a rest -
On the bridge sat, asleep.
Yes, the bridge fell into the river.
Not a lucky person!
So our Emelya
The days of the week flew by.


What happened to Monday
Where loafer Monday?-
Asked Tuesday.
-Monday - not a bum,
He is no slacker,
He's a great Keeper.
He cooks Environment
Brought a bucket of water.
The Stoker Thursday
Made it the poker.
But come Friday
The shy, operatica.
He left all the work
And went with her on Saturday
By Sunday for lunch.
Sent you


Additional days of any week
The first will be Monday.
Day two followed,
This Tuesday come to us.

We did not go anywhere...
The third day is always the environment.
It is the fourth here and there,
This day, Thursday call.

In a series of working days
Fifth Friday now.
All completed work
The sixth day is always Saturday.

The seventh day?
We know him:
Sunday - rest!

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