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CHILD HEALTH / Hormone of joy and happiness

Hormone of joy and happinessMany adults can't forget the period of youthful carelessness and wanton happiness. How often in the bus watching laughing for nothing youth. And kids who can't sit still and minutes without moving, happy jumping on the couch and bed? And the pleasure you experience from sweet or nice lunch with like-minded people? And what a wonderful feeling of freedom and inner peace occurs after a workout and sauna! Why is this possible? And to blame the endocrine glands, including the pituitary and pineal gland, which produce endorphins and serotonin, respectively.

During the research it was found that children who did not receive affection in childhood fully compensated for shortfalls alcohol and drugs (surrogates of endorphins). Sadness, anger and envy are the constant companions of endorphin deficiency, which is often accompanied by disease of the liver and other organs and systems.

Endorphins are natural painkillers. The level of endorphins in pregnant women increases and reaches a peak at the time of delivery, allowing you to experience the stress and later again to give birth. And occasional depression after childbirth due to the decline in the level of "happiness hormone" in the body, which is accompanied by increased anxiety and irritability. This may explain the rapid bursts of hatred to the baby in particularly difficult situations, when a person loses control over his emotions.

In addition, endorphins and even regulate some types of metabolism, support the parameters of the internal environment of the body (homeostasis), affect immune processes play a major role in the mechanisms of memory, learning, sleep.

And what bliss we experience after a delicious meal. Statistics say that 40% of the population of childbearing age prefer good food good sex. It has been proven that carbohydrates are first generation of endorphins, while dark chocolate helps produce more hormone. This way improve the mood use women.

Most men prefer to expel trouble "then". Some chopped firewood, others go to the gym. Sports increase the concentration of "happy hormones" five times, and to the original level this indicator is returned through an hour and a half.

Singing also prolongs life, filling it with positive emotions. In Japan, widespread karaoke bars, allowing you to reset the voltage of the working day. Not accidentally playing in the street children are so noisy and loud.

And although we remember: "Business before pleasure", home trampoline, the ability to run and yell, can help irrepressible energy of the child to send in the right direction.

Stimulation of this nerve center gives us a sense of ease, joy and vitality. The same action and have many current drugs. In addition, endorphins are natural painkillers. That is why their number increases during pregnancy and reaches its peak around the time of childbirth. But after this momentous event level "hormones of happiness" falls sharply. This is one of the causes of postpartum depression and neurosis.

Promotes the release of endorphins and food. Statistics say that 40 % of the population of childbearing age prefer good food good sex. Indeed, a delicious lunch is a source of endless pleasure. But not all food has the same effect on the synthesis of endorphins. It has been proven that carbohydrate food stands on the first place of production stimulation "hormones of happiness". Particularly on our mood affects the consumption of chocolate.

English scientists have proved that this product stimulates the production of endorphins, and serotonin. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that in moments of stress, frustration, disappointment, or simply fatigue, us "pulls" on the chocolate.

For men, however, the stresses and troubles are totally different. In the late 80-ies among the three thousand Americans was conducted by a survey, which showed that the majority of men prefer to "expel trouble since then. Simply put, men go to the gym. This phenomenon also has a scientific explanation. The fact that the level of endorphins increases and after intense physical exercise.

Exercise for 30 minutes increase the concentration of "happy hormones" five times. And to the original level this indicator is returned in about an hour and a half. At this time men or completely forget all their sorrows and troubles. But why women and men choose such different ways to stimulate your mood for knowing science is still a mystery.

Correct singing - the hormone of joy.

Correct singing - prolongs life, making it full of positive emotions. Learning to properly control your singing voice and conversational speech - you have very good chance your lungs to their full ventilation, which is the key to good health, longevity and excellent mood.

Not accidentally, in the land of the rising sun Japan is so popular karaoke bars.

Thus, the government of this fabulous country, draining all the power from his people for the prosperity of the country as a whole, and their own wallet (government, of course) - enables them to recover quickly, visit the karaoke.

It is the singing relieves stress in such a marvellous way of this, one of the most stressful countries.

What is the hormone of joy?

Just 10 minutes of laughter a day and are fatigue and headache, normal air pressure, improves the activity of the endocrine glands, breathing becomes deeper, the brain receives more oxygen, it is a kind of "Martiny effect, increases blood content of the "happiness hormone" - endorphin. In addition, when we laugh, will work the whole muscle groups: shoulders, chest, abdominals. Moreover, according to experts of the American Association for therapeutic humor, after viewing humorous movies in our blood increases the level of those antibodies and cells that destroy malignant tumors. So laugh as often as possible!

Specially for the website "Your child" A.N. Abramov.

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