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22.12.08 - How to choose shoes for your child?

Malformed arch of the foot is not only a cosmetic defect. In the future, it can cause serious health problems for the baby, because of incorrect posture, scoliosis often develops due to improper gait and flat feet. Uncomfortable Shoe, improper heel, material and many other errors very fraught. Let us consider the basic rules for choosing shoes for your baby.
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06.12.08 - How to choose a car seat for your child?

The first condition is to buy not on the market, and in the store. There are likely to be attended by the representatives of the manufacturer, which are better sellers will tell you everything and I'll explain. And most importantly, the store will show the appropriate and required documentation, certificates of quality. In the U.S., for example, each child seat should be a label indicating that its use is approved by the government, and that it has been tested in the collision. It is logical that narrow specialization, usually dictates a higher quality product.
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13.08.08 - Update section

The Federal law of 30 April 2008 No. 56-FZ "On additional insurance contributions to the funded part of labor pension and state support for the formation of pension savings" for the first time introduced a system of economic incentives, voluntary citizens ' participation in pension provision. The law provides for future retiree to be involved in a funded system, because the size of the future pension is, above all, a personal challenge and responsibility of a citizen. Now we all have the opportunity to participate in shaping their pension, voluntarily contributing additional funds. The government, for its part on each dollar of contributions of citizens will be to add one more (but not more than 12 thousand rubles per year) from the budget. In addition to the additional contributions of the insured persons, the Law allows employers to participate in the formation of pension savings of workers.
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Dimensions benefits and compensation to citizens with children, on 01.07.2008,

11.05.08 - Update section

About specialized educational institutions for people with disabilities.

In the system of the Federal Agency for healthcare and social development of the Russian Federation operate 40 educational institutions of primary and secondary vocational education, located in 35 cities and towns of Russia. Among them Novocherkassk College boarding school, including College, boarding school, St. Michael College of Economics boarding school, Moscow state humanitarian-technical College-boarding school (one of the few educational institutions for persons with disorders of the musculoskeletal system), all College-boarding school.

30.04.08 - Update section

Psychological support for ICQ, e-mail and phone

If You are bad, You don't understand in school, in the family, if You find it difficult to find someone with whom you can talk and sincere exchange of views, please contact "Trust", where You will find the understanding of the interlocutor.

30.04.08 - Update section

Schedule regional admissions for the protection of the rights of children and adolescents
This section provides information for citizens who want to ask their questions to the experts on the protection of children's rights.

12.03.08 - Update section

On measures of social support of families with children in the Tyumen region

07.02.08 - Update section

Created a new section - traffic Rules-children
This section provides information for parents on teaching children the Rules of the road.

This section contains useful background information for parents. It presents legal information for parents (Declaration of the rights of the child, excerpts from the Law on family).

Handbook of drugs contains information on contemporary drugs to treat children. Attention! Before taking the drug, consult your doctor.

The table on child development will help to determine the correct development of the child according to age.

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