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Games with children What gives the game the children?

The game gives you the freedom. The game is not the problem, not the debt, not the law. In order to play not only voluntarily. The game gives you a break from everyday life, with its monotony. The game is originality.

Games for kids Creative play

Baby games aimed at developing creative thinking in children.

Baby moving and educational games Communicative games. Games to communicate.

Often, family celebrations happens when someone (and sometimes many) of the guests are unknown or unfamiliar to each other. In such situations, the holiday can start (not necessary to wait until you cover the table or, on the contrary, until everything is eaten with some games and exercises below.

Game sweepstakes Games, jokes, games, jokes

A range of games, jokes and games sweepstakes.

Play with the numbers Games with numbers and numbers

The selection of games with numbers and numbers.

Games with letters and words Games with letters and words

The selection of games with letters and words.

Games on attention and ingenuity Games on attention and ingenuity

A range of games aimed at the development of attention and intelligence.

Games in the circle Games in the circle

There are also many games that are best done in a circle. Play these, as a rule, dynamic, and do not require any special training to conduct them in any conditions, they develop a reaction, and both physical and mental. In addition, these are games that allow you to fill any pause during the holiday.

Games-jokes Games-sweepstakes

All players become the" face to the wall so that his hands were on her at shoulder level. The host asks questions. The answer is "Yes" guys raise their hands up on the wall, on a "no" answer down. The task of the leader as much as possible questions that would be the guys replied "Yes". (For example: "You love ice cream?", "Vidici look like?" and so on). The last question is; "are You in school all go?". After all the students answered "Yes", the facilitator continues: "And why on the wall climb?".

Games on attention Games on attention

All playing hand out pieces of paper on which is written the number 1 or 2. Such papers should be the same number. Selected lead is the chief thief. He is out the door. Meanwhile, in the room hiding something. The task of the leader to find it. He does this with the help of players-thieves (those who on paper figure 1, which suggest eyes where hidden this subject). The task of the investigators (figure 2) to monitor play and to find the thieves. The game ends when the item found, or when the "detectives" caught... "thieves".

Games on the development of memory Development games memory

The facilitator sets the theme of the movie. The following repeats the theme and adds a clause, phrase or word that are associated with this topic. The following repeats said first, second and etc. adds its Purpose: the development of memory, and most importantly - imagination and fantasy. The game follows the principle of accumulation, a few laps.

Table games Table games

Now, sitting at the table, let's play a game. Everyone can offer letter, from which all participants need to enumerate the objects in this room. For example, someone suggested the letter "C". Everybody begin to speak: "the Chair, glass, table, etc". The winner is the one who called the last word. In the pauses offer letter can count aloud to three. Then if a new word is not named, is declared the winner. So, in turn, offer letter, which are listed in this room items. Wins who called the last word. Started! (Gong). Thank you. The game is over. Congratulations to the winner. (Gong).

Folk games Folk games

Select one conductive who need to catch up and "ocality" fled over the space of players. The choices: 1. "Ocalenie" the player becomes " it", when it should run, holding the hand over the part of the body, which his "oilily". 2. "Ocalenie" the player becomes, pulling his arms and shouting: "Tea-tea-save me". He "bewitched", "dispel" it can other players by touching hands. Conductive need to "bewitch" all.

Outdoor games Outdoor games

Conductive and are playing on different sides of the two lines that are drawn at a distance of 5-6 m from each other. Task play: as soon as possible to reach the conductive and to touch him. The one who did it become " it". Playing moving only said conductive: "slow and steady wins the race. Stop!". On the word "stop" all freeze. If conductive noticed that someone was moving, he sends the player over the line.

Home games Home games

One of the players wrote a little story, leaving the place before each noun: of course, the others should not know that he writes. Then each of the players said something to the adjective, which one after the other in order to fit in spaces of the story; this way, such a inconsistency, that the reading of the story usually causes a lot of laughter.

Games blindfolded Games blindfold

All playing blindfolded except one, which tie at the neck of the bell. Playing blindfolded armed with every tug and pursue the ear of him who tied the bell. In this game there are presecne scene: so, one of the players, hearing near you rustle, catches the sound and strikes harness his friend, who also blindfolded. On the other hand, trying not to make noise, is the player with the bell, but the bell-the traitor betrays him, the player gets hit by the rope, he puts on a blindfold, and the bell gives a blow. During the game, touch the bell by hand is impossible, you can associate the player with a bell, his hands behind his back.

Play with music Games with music

This magic word we say when something please. Ask the children to run all your commands, but provided that you, the presenter, will be extremely polite and after the command will say the word "please". If you this word does not say, the command fails. If agreed, we can begin. Now, Raise your right hand up, please left hand too raise up, please. Please capita hands... and now together unhook...". Saw many in the hall inattentive? Fun comment on the outcome of the game. Can repeat it with other commands several times.

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