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HELP / How to choose a baby stroller?

How to choose a baby strollersoon you waiting for replenishment? Then now is the time to choose a stroller for the little man. Currently you can find for sale a very large selection of children and strollers. So how to navigate this diversity, what to pay attention? This article will help you to understand all the subtleties and nuances and make the right choice.

All wheelchairs be done on several types, but we'll cover that later. Now look at what you should pay attention, regardless of the type of stroller.

1. The width of the chassis. The width of some of the chassis more than the width of the opening of the Elevator, so in order to avoid an unpleasant situation, when the carriage is stuck in the opening, it is necessary to die roulette doorway of the Elevator on your floor and first floor.

2. The size of the wheels. The larger the wheel, the higher the cross pram. This is especially true for the winter, when there is a lot of snow, and the streets are poorly cleaned.

3. Depreciation. Be sure to pay attention to the smoothness of the stroller that the baby was not shaking on the walk. Most of all it is necessary for those who plan to walk where there is no asphalt, for example in the Park.

4. The width of the wheelchair (berth or seats). Some strollers (especially Portuguese and Spanish) have a more narrow sleeping or sitting place. Most likely, this is due to the fact that in these countries there is a large difference in temperature and the child does not need to wrap up in a few clothes. These prams are worth buying, if the child was born in the winter, even warm, voluminous jumpsuits will not prevent him comfortably inside the stroller, because he is still small. If a child was born in the spring or summer, it is best to choose a stroller wider.

5. The weight of the stroller. Relatively light weight of the stroller is preferable, especially for those who have in the house has no Elevator. In such cases it's best to use the modular stroller that had the opportunity to learn from home separate chassis, and then the child in the stroller. If you choose this stroller, you need to pay attention to a handle for carrying the stroller. They should be durable and comfortable to lie in his hand.

6. Fabric covering. Best of all, if the coating is waterproof. And the inner coating is hypoallergenic.

7. Comfortable handle. The handle may be adjustable in height.

8. The type of addition stroller and dimensions when folded. If the wheelchair will be transported, note how easy it is buggy, and how it looks after adding.

Consider specific options for types of wheelchairs

1. Stroller-bassinet (classic double stroller for a newborn, is used on average from birth to 6-7 months). When choosing a stroller should pay attention to how adjustable headrest, and what made the frame. It should be shockproof.

2. Stroller ("sitting" stroller, used when the child starts to sit). Here it is necessary to pay attention to the length of the bed. If the child falls asleep while walking, he should be as convenient as possible. Well, if the backrest will fold up to the lying position and the footrest to be adjusted depending on the child's growth. Also, very well, if the handle of the stroller is shifted, so that the child may be facing the mother, or by a person from it. In the first case, if the child was asleep, the mother's easier to control it. And in the second, the child will be easier to look around. And so it is possible to hide the child from wind, sun? Almost all strollers have a bumper. Very well, if the bumper will be removed and it will be protective case. And yet, it is important that the stroller was the case on the legs, so that the baby was always warm.

3. Universal stroller or stroller modular of type (2 in 1 or 3 in 1) (on the same chassis, you can install either the carrycot or pushchair part (option 2 in 1)or the seat (option 3 in 1). This option strollers are the most popular. Since this stroller takes up less space than just two separate strollers. And option 3 in 1 choose those who have a car. Such wheelchairs, we should first pay attention to the simplicity of strengthening and removal of the module. Well if it will be "one hand". Everything else in these wheelchairs are not different from the usual, see item 1, 2.

4. Stroller - transformer ("light hand pressure" cradle transformed into a walk) Such strollers are convenient because it is in fact one stroller instead of two. But, there are drawbacks. First, bassinet, these strollers are less warm. Because they naselenie and they can zadumatjsa wind. And secondly, they are more heavy and massive.

5. The buggies. Such strollers are often used in the summer, because they have small wheels. In principle, these claims are the same as for push-chairs. The most important thing for such wheelchairs - low weight and ease of folding.

There are lots of kinds of useful functional accessories, such as turning the front wheels large shopping basket, quietly folding hood (very useful when your baby is sleeping and you need to lay down or put the hood), convenient brake, especially which does not scratch the shoes, etc. Such "convenience" every parents choose for yourself and your wallet.

And, most importantly, the stroller should you like! Then each walk will be like a little holiday.

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