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LEISURE / TOYS / Doll Tilda with their hands

Doll Tilda your ownHow to sew a doll Tilda? The answer to this question you will find in this material. Doll Tilda their hands - it's easy together with Your website rebenok!

Tilde is a toy made by the pattern Norwegian designer Tony Finnanger (Tone Finnanger). Tony Finnanger was born in 1973 in Oslo (Norway).

From childhood he was inclined to be creative. From her grandmother, she learned to sew. She attended the Academy of fine arts and worked as a decorator, interior designer, and Illustrator. She also held the position of developer models that pushed her to the idea of creating textile toys series Tilde.

Doll-Tilde (Tilda) possess a set of characteristic features: first, the Tilde is usually plump, and the animals have smooth silhouettes; secondly, Muzzles and faces Tildes very conditional - close-set black eyes and blush, thirdly, a Tilde are recognizable colors, where are saturated and calm shades and leather puppets Buffy or moderately tanned.

For sewing dolls are used mainly natural fabrics - linen, cotton, calico, wool, flannel, felt. For service of tildiem any suitable material - denim, cotton, etc. "village" colors. Figure - stripes, checks, floral ornament and no lurex!

For stuffing toys used sintepon, sintepuh, hollofayber... and calcined buckwheat (to weight figures). Women are advised not to regret funds to cushion stuffed with sinteponom - its contents will be enough for six to seven dolls growth twenty-five centimeters.

Seams can be sewn on the machine or manually. The density of stitches depends on the material from which it is made figurine. For knits, it is recommended to lay the seams-fleece - then when getting toys seam will remain uniform.

Toys for living room and bedroom can be used as Sasha: if the printed material to add a vanilla pod or a cinnamon stick, the air in the room soaked Christmas aroma.

The fabric for the legs and handles of tildiem-men acquired flesh color, it can be painted. As dyes you can use tea leaves and normal instant coffee. The piece of material (linen or calico) within ten minutes boiled in water together with dye, then dried and future doll smooth Mediterranean tan.

Hair fairies can be made of yarn type "Plush": for knitting, it is not suitable - rolled and crumpled and his hair tilde ladies get messy and very characteristic for this kind of dolls.

In order cheeks toys played blush, you can use the usual loose blush - without oil component. Before you paint a doll, it's worth a try to apply blush on the tissue sample is at once be seen how they will fall on Tilidine (will smear or flake). If blush is not at hand, the dye can be made from ordinary children's pencil to scratch the stylus blade and feather cotton swab.

If the pattern is complex to implement, you can use little tricks - for example, to sew the handle of the toy with buttons or insert in the doll wire frame.

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Doll Tilda your own Doll Tilda with their hands

Tilde is a toy made by the pattern Norwegian designer Tony Finnanger (Tone Finnanger). Tony Finnanger was born in 1973 in Oslo (Norway).

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