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The winner of the fashion doll:

Doll Elizabeth. A wedding dress.

Shop fashionable clothing for children "ORCHESTRA" together site for parents, "Your child" are:
Competition for craftswomen "Fashion doll"

Orchestra - shop of children's clothes and footwear from 0 to 14 years:
"New Passage", street Soviet, 54, phone (3452) 25-11-29
SEC "Favorite", Ul. Vgenerally, 12, tel (3452) 64-40-86

Read more about the shop...

Competition for all those wishing to try yourself as a stylist. The doll has always been the most popular toy. It is consistent with the era, mood and, of course, fashion. My mother and grandmother tried to make a doll for my daughter the most interesting, elegant and memorable. the 21st century is no exception, modern moms use all sorts of ways in search of a new image of the beloved doll. Sewing, knitting and crocheting, weaving and embroidery, You can choose any needlework that You close!

The creativity of all participants will decorate the shop window "ORCHESTRA" (SEC "Favorite") throughout the competition. After the voting and selection of the winner of the doll will be returned to the owners.

In order to participate in the contest "Fashion doll" You need to:

  1. To prepare an outfit for a doll (for participation in competition it is possible to provide the doll, whether it's Barbie or toy);
  2. To take a picture of the doll and send photo at:
  3. Bring elegant doll in the store "ORCHESTRA" (address: Ul. Vgenerally, 12, 3rd floor);
  4. To come up with the doll's name and the name of the outfit.

Works are accepted from July 20 to August 16, 2009.

The voting will take place in parallel and on the website (electronic voting) and in stores "ORCHESTRA".

Voting will take place from August 17 to August 23.

The number of dolls from one participant is not limited.

The winner is awarded a gift certificate in the amount of 3000 rubles for purchase in the shop "ORCHESTRA", located in the shopping center "Favorite" street Vgenerally, 12. A gift certificate is a public offer and eliminates the need for a contract between seller and buyer according to Art. 435 of the civil code. The cash balance on the gift certificate will be cancelled after purchase. If the purchase amount exceeds the size of the denomination specified on the gift certificate, the buyer pays the excess amount separately. Gift certificate refundable and not exchangeable. The refund certificate is impossible.


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