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21.10.08 - Create partition "Flash games for children"

Play baby flash games!

19.10.08 - Updating "Coloring"

Updated section "Coloring": the total number of copyright colorings reached 105 units, coloring pages are divided by category

18.08.08 - paper Model cars

Take your child to build a paper model of the car! A large number of car models made of paper for every taste on the website for parents, "All children"!

24.01.08 - Created the section "Graphics"

Available 720 fonts for download (21 MB)

02.01.08 - Update section

Added different games with children

22.12.07 - Update section

Texts lullaby

Posted Christmas coloring pages

Posted poems for the New year

18.12.07 - Update section

Posted scraps for download

The scraps is a collection of graphical elements on a particular topic. The scraps are well suited for those who want a beautiful and original way to decorate a photo album of your baby. Download scraps and create your own works of art!

16.12.07 - Update section

New year poster for children

We decided to help You organize, think and tune in to the new year holidays. To this end, we have created a poster for the biggest new year celebrations in the city of Tyumen. Look, ask, create a holiday for You and Your Children!

14.12.07 - Update section

Collection of origami

Origami (Japanese, "folded paper") is the ancient art of folding pieces of paper. The art of origami dates back to ancient China, where he opened the paper.

Organize your child's leisure time is an important task facing parents as caring about his physical development and inner peace. Listening to fairy tales, songs, fables, lesson drawing is not just a recreation of the child, any activity contributes to the formation of mental processes, and therefore, the child's values, attitude toward the world.

On our site you can find lyrics of Russian folk tales, jokes, Proverbs and sayings, the best tales of the world, as well as the works of all your favorite authors. Under "Audiobooks for children presents audio versions of books: "Pushkin's fairy Tales", "Deniskin stories" and "Cheburashka".

Coloring pagesposted on the website, prepared by the designer of professional clipart images, which allows to speak about their uniqueness. Such colorings, as here you will not find anywhere else!

We are waiting for You on the pages of the Section "Recreation", to share, to talk, give advice, give information, and to discuss, to argue and speculate on the organization of leisure of children and your interesting solutions you can on the relevant section of our forum!

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