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The 2013 Carnival will be held from 11 to 17 March. Date of carnival in 2014 from 24 February to 2 March.

Carnival is a very funny, naughty and delicious days. Every day I want to be filled with sun, attention and joy. Section Maslenitsa created to help anyone who wants to diversify this week.

Among the recipes pancakes you will find as classic Russian pancakes on the yeast and the recipe pancakes more quick to prepare, and one unusual pancakes recipe with cheese. Besides, you can find design ideas pancakes. Poems and sayings, dedicated to the celebration of Maslenitsa will tell the kids about these days. For the curious and patient there is material on the history of carnival and celebration in Russia.

And, of course, carnival fun, games and competitions that will help to organize your child's leisure time in a large company.

Holiday carnival for children Invitations pancakes

Original design invitations for pancakes. Download the invitation and print it on a color printer!

Recipes pancakes on Shrove Tuesday Recipes pancakes on Shrove Tuesday

Any dish to which the hostess will use their skills and imagination acquires a new life. Every day you can make a little more interesting, if to please relatives. One way to diversify a family evening to present them with delicious, beautiful, private dinner. In the carnival so dinner can become pancakes. Recipe for cooking pancakes for everybody. Here are some of them.

Carnival 2014 The history of carnival

The history of carnival has its roots deep in antiquity. Carnival is an ancient Slavic holiday, we inherited from pagan culture, preserved and after the adoption of Christianity.

History carnival From the history of carnival. As noted Shrove Tuesday?

In 1722 Peter the great gave in Moscow unprecedented masquerade: the capital is a long procession traveled many ships of different types and different sizes, fifty sleigh pulled by different animals.

Games carnival Games carnival

Players are arranged in pairs one behind the other in a column. The children join hands and raise them up, forming a "gate". The last pair of passes "through the gate" and becomes ahead, followed by the next pair.

Sayings on carnival Sayings on Shrove Tuesday

A variety of sayings about the carnival for children will diversify children's activities at the festival and will be useful for various competitions.

Poems on carnival Poems on Shrove Tuesday

A variety of poems about the carnival for children of different authors. Simple to remember, these verses will become a holiday decoration!

Carnival pictures Carnival pictures

Themed party image on a holiday that will appeal to both children and adults.

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