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The sponsor of the contest is "Butcher's tale" (IE Kogawa N.N.)

Address: 625000, , Tyumen, Ul. Babarinsa, 20-a, Bldg. 2

Phone/Fax: (3452) 23-40-49, 23-40-50, 23-40-52,



The contest "Unusual dumplings"

Dumplings - the most democratic meal! It is easy to meet in a posh restaurant, and friends in the kitchen. While the dumplings can be a product of fast preparation, and complex, beautiful dish. This ability to metamorphosis makes dumplings especially interesting.

Offer all users site "Your child" to participate in the culinary competition "Unusual dumplings".

What to cook for lunch? This question is asked a lot. Dumplings is the most convenient, quick and hearty meal. What can you do to their usual boiled kind of surprised everyone? Cook in broth, fry, put out, bake? How?

To participate in the contest you need to send recipes for regular dumplings. To tell something new to surprise and delight readers.

It is again up to you! Detailed recipe, story, photos, - all that will allow you to use your imagination.

Prizes for the winners: first place: 10 kg of meat, II place: 5 kg of meat, III: 3 kg of meat

The competition dates: from 16 March to 5 April 2009. 6 April 2009 will be declared the winner.

Their work send

Good luck!

About the sponsor of the contest

For centuries the main dishes of any cuisine, and especially Russian, were meat dishes. They quickly saturate, give strength, and most importantly - fun. Because meat is delicious! And the company's products "Butcher's tale" is very tasty. Shop meat products "Butcher's tale" started its activity in 1998, under the leadership of the permanent head Nina Nikolaevna of the Claw.

Meat galore

Today the company produces more than 100 kinds of high-quality meat products "Russian style". The bet is done not only on a wide range, but, above all, excellent quality and Russian traditions in the preparation of meat products. Used extensively in the manufacture and ancient recipes.

Meat galore firm "Butcher's tale" buyers know all of the Urals Federal district. Wide range, smooth delivery and optimal pricing attract the attention of large trading networks of the Tyumen region. Including Partner-Market "Green coast"Partner Market "Maxi", "Supermarket", CJSC "Perekryostok", LLC Univerdad "Blinoff", LLC "Irish Pub", CJSC "Aksenov, LLC Anton-Service", "Polus", LLC "Maria". In total more than 450 trade of the city of Tyumen. In addition, high-quality products "Butcher's tale" comes in a large number of canteens and restaurants, factories, school nutrition, pre-school institutions and enterprises of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Direct selling of products is carried out in a commercial complex "Siberian Baraba" warehouse No. 100 at producer prices. "Butcher's tale" is actively developing trade relations in cities such as Yekaterinburg, Perm, Chelyabinsk, annually increasing volumes of product delivery. Only in the last three years, the turnover of the company increased from 63 to 84 million rubles.

Production technology

The company is fully mechanized and automated production facilities with the area of 1200 square meters, equipped with modern equipment, using the latest technology and unique ideas. All this allows you to create a unique taste of the products. Compliance with all sanitary and epidemiological rules - immutable rule in the work. For production technology ensures professional and experienced technologist, and the company has more than 80 highly qualified professionals, constantly improving their skills. All products are certified and are made of only natural organic raw materials in ancient and modern recipes of Russian cuisine that creates the taste of your favorite home-cooked meal. A variety of dumplings, burgers, cutting, slicing, stuffing - this is not a complete list of products of the company "Butcher's tale". According to Nina Nikolaevna, the company "we have restored all that was forgotten, implemented in the product range new products for the abundance of so diverse, that to list them all is simply impossible".


The highest quality products and fine taste is confirmed by the company "Butcher's tale" awards for participation in various competitions regional, national and international scale. In the Tyumen spring", "Dumplings from Tyumen", "Tyumen brand", "Dumpling & Co" (Ekaterinburg), "Skimmer-2007" (Ekaterinburg), "Golden autumn" (Moscow). In 2007, the company "Butcher's tale" at the 9th Russian Agro-industrial Exhibition "Golden autumn" was awarded a gold medal and a diploma for dumplings "dawn" and "Russians". At the first international festival "Dumpling and To" Tyumen "Butcher's tale" was one of the winners of the tasting contest "Skimmer-2007", having received an award bronze slotted spoon. FE "Butcher's tale" is listed in the book best entrepreneurs of the Russian Federation. The company numerous awards and letters of appreciation from the city of Tyumen, Tyumen oblast government, the administrative Center of social services for the elderly and disabled, from the Chairman of the Tyumen city Duma for the great contribution in the development of the consumer market Tyumen.

Nina pays great attention to the organization and the patronage of social services for the elderly and persons with disabilities; the role played by the enterprise and the organization of the annual citywide celebration of "Tyumen spring-2007". As noted by Nina Nikolaevna, "sometimes food come to us pensioners and mothers with many children, then we, of course, in addition to reward purchases some products. Life, it is life, anything can happen, and to people we are always attentive. We have shops where goods are periodically sold at reduced prices. Manager of production is constantly increasing range of sales representatives to sell our products, and the range of goods is often updated as the needs of our customers. We are often contacted by television, radio and advertising departments to bring all the conditions of sale of our products to the consumer, before delivering the products to customers."

"Butcher's tale" is now actively and steadily developing and constantly expanding range of products, respond to competitive developments in the food market. The CEO Nina Claw big plans for the future: "my Dream is to expand our production. I hope that we will build a powerful, strong company, which in no way give in to foreign, and then will invite the distinguished guests to the table "Russian assorted"because all this for the benefit of Russia and the Russian people."


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