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04.05.09 Announcement of exhibitions in the Museum complex. IA Slovtsov"

HUK THE Museum complex. IA Slovtsov"

 street Soviet, 63, phone 45-35-91.


May 16-17, "the Museum complex. IA Slovtsov" once again conducts large-scale event "Museum night - 2009. Night of attraction". This project covers all the Tyumen museums: "City Council", "House masharova", "Museum - estate of Kolokol'nikova", "Archaeological Museum-reserve on the lake. Andreyev", The Museum of Fine arts.

The main the idea this year. The activities of each of the museums will impersonate a certain age: ancient, 19th century, the 60-ies of the 20th century modernity. Under each "era" provides theatrical performances, tours, exhibitions, thematic contests, which will last until 2am!

                                                         Museum Of The City Duma"

street of Lenin, 2, phone 46-11-59. From 10.00 till 17.30 o'clock

Output - Monday, Tuesday

16-17 may, 19.00 "Museum night - 2009. Night of attraction"

The Exhibition "Man loved the sun" 100 - year anniversary YG * Erve, the first chief of glavtumengeologia, it is devoted. Until 14 may.

Exhibition "From the bow to the grenade" (weapon collections).

The permanent exhibition "Window in nature". The excursion.

Photo exhibition "Reserved Tomania" (author: PS Sitnikov) may 12,


Museum - estate of Kolokol'nikova

   street Republic, 18/20 phone 46-27-67, 46-49-63. From 10.00 till 17.30 o'clock

Output - Monday, Tuesday

16-17 may, 19.00 "Museum night - 2009. Night of attraction"

The Exhibition "For pass Salang" (Soldiers-Afghans dedicated to...)

Exhibition of paintings from the beads (author: S. Podkorytov, ). From may 20.

The permanent exhibition "the History of home 19-20 centuries" Tour. The game program.

The permanent exhibition "Trading House I.P. Kolokolnikov Heirs. The event "the Way of tea leaf" tour and the tasting of elite sorts of tea (on request).


Museum "House Masharova"

 street Lenina, 24, tel. 46-13-10. From 10.00 till 17.30 o'clock

Output - Monday, Tuesday

16-17 may, 19.00 "Museum night - 2009. Night of attraction"

Warm childhood cold edge (toys in the North of Tyumen region) may 13

Flying Orchid (exhibition of live tropical butterflies, , Krasnodar) from may 10

The permanent exhibition "the Family album"(Interior town house to. XIX - beg. The XX centuries, the life, manners, etiquette, leisure).

Birthday party at the Museum! Program: exciting contests, sweepstakes and awarding the gift.


Archaeological Museum - the reserve at lake. Andreyev

23 km Yalutorovsk tract, Ph. 72-20-55. From 10.00 till 17.30 o'clock

Output - Monday, Tuesday

16-17 may, 19.00 "Museum night - 2009. Night of attraction"



Permanent the exhibition "From time immemorial" (archaeological findings V Millennium BC- the XVI century, the life and spiritual culture of the Finno-Ugric peoples). Game program for students.

Visiting lecture for children's camps, "the Ancient history of the peoples who inhabited our land" ( the applications).


Sightseeing and excursions Bureau, street Soviet, 63, phone 45-35-90, Excursions:


·  "Tyumen. From time immemorial"

·  "So different LOVE..."

·  "Tobolsk. The UPS and downs of the Siberian capital" (, Tyumen - C. the Abalak - , Tobolsk)

· "Ten thousand years ago..."


The Museum of fine arts

                             St. Ordzhonikidze, 47, Phone: 46-17-66, 46-91-15. From 9.30 to 18.00 o'clock

                              Closed Mondays

May 16-17 18.00 "Museum night - 2009. Night of attraction"


Mummies. "Journey to eternity" (, St. Petersburg)

"Samodelkin among us" (exhibition child and adolescent technical creativity). From 15 to 20 may.

 Zlatoust steel (exhibition-fair of products Zlatoust masters). Since may 19.

"Young green" (the opening of the exhibition of creative works of students of art faculties).

"Is it easy to be young" (Dedicated to the Year of Youth). "Living antiquity" exhibition Tyumen folk carpet.

"Russian art of XVIII-XX centuries" (Exposure time based on the works of Russian painting, sculpture and DPI.) Constant.

Western the art of the XVII-XIX centuries (Collection of Western European art and sculpture). Constant.

"Spiritual light of the world" - the icon of Siberia and early printed book(Collection Siberian icons and early printed book, the subject DPI religious purposes). Constant.

"Together forever" Painting, applied art, Icon. The exhibition is dedicated to wedding the ceremony and the family. Constant.

 "What lady, here's a fad..." (Collection of DPI, an exhibition of toys). Permanent

"White tale (Tobolskcarved bone) DPI, leading master Tobolsk bone carving craft. Constant.

"Living Antiquity of the North" (Works from the collections of the MIA) Constant.

"Russian sculpture 1960-1990," (Works from the collections of the MIA). Constant.

"Decor and plastic. Tapestry. Ceramics. Fabric" (Exhibition from the funds of the MIA). Constant.

 "Good hand skills" (open storage Foundation DPI. Glass, ceramics, porcelain).

 "Architectural decoration Tyumen". (Collection of folk art carved wooden frames, elements of architectural decoration, smudges). Constant.


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