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NEW YEAR's / Children's poems about New year
We present to your attention baby poems about New year different authors. Interesting and touching poem will decorate the Christmas holiday and will make it more interesting! Happy New Year!

Children's poems about New year

My brother (me he has outgrown)
Bring all to tears,
He told me that Santa Claus
Not Santa Claus!
He told me:
- Do not believe! -
But at that very moment,
The door opened,
And suddenly I see -
Is grandfather.
He had a beard,
In the coat dressed.
A sheepskin coat to the toe!
He says:
- Tree and where?
And the children don't sleep?
With a large silver
Sprinkled snow,
In a fluffy hat
And the elder brother of
Says secretly:
Yes this is our neighbor!
Can't you see: the nose is similar!
And arms, and back! -
I answered: " Well, well!
While you're at grandma similar,
But you didn't get it!


Friends! Has come and the New year!
Forget the old sorrow,
And mourning days, and days of care,
All the joy was killed;
But don't forget clear days,
Fun, frolics, light-winged,
Golden hours, heart, cute,
And old, good friends.
Live new in the New year,
Leave the old dreams
And all that happiness does not,
But only one bear wishes!
Still in the new year this
Love jokes, games, joy
Old and sincere friends.
Friends! Countdown to the New year
In a circle of relatives, among freedom.
Let it for you, friends, flows,
As childhood happy years!


What is the New year?
It is the opposite:
Trees in the grow room,
Proteins cones not bite,
Hares near wolf
On barbed tree!
Rain is also not simple,
In the New year it is gold,
Shine that is urine,
No water,
Even Santa Claus
Nobody NIPs the nose.


Would be Christmas trees
Ran she would
Along the path.
Danced she would
Together with us,
Banged it would
The heels.
He would spin on the Christmas tree
Toys -
Colored lanterns,
Spun out on the Christmas tree
Of crimson and silver
Laughed at least the Christmas tree
And clapped b joy
In her hands.
Because tonight
At the gate
Knocked merry
New year!
New, new,
With the Golden beard!

The Christmas TREE.

In the snow there was a Christmas tree -
Green clocka,
Half meter.
The event occurred
In one winter day:
Forester decided to cut it down! -
It seemed to her.
She was seen,
Was surrounded...
And only late in the evening
Recovered it.
What a strange feeling!
He disappeared fear...
Lanterns glass
Burn in its branches.
Sparkle jewelry -
What a festive look!
However, without a doubt,
She is in the forest stands.
Not made of wood! A whole!
Beautiful and strong!
Who rescued who razdel it?
The son of a Forester!

Met the beasts of the New year.
Drove the animals dance.
Around a green tree.
Danced and Mole,
And Hippo,
And even the evil Wolves!
Danced and Porcupine -
Barbed needles,
All tremble,
And all the screaming,
And all to flee from the tree!
Look: I -
At least he is good! -
And he's shaking with fear!..
But I ain't changing it! -
Said Che-re-PA-ha!
-And then we shall dance
But all
Will periplasm!


It was in January,
There was a tree on the mountain,
And near this tree
Wandered the evil wolves.
Night sometimes
When in the woods so quiet,
Meet the wolf under the mountain
The hares and the angel.
Anyone hunting in the New year
To fall into the clutches of the wolf!
The rabbit rushed forward
And jumped on the tree.
They pressed their ears,
Hung like toys.
Ten little bunnies
Hang on the Christmas tree and silent -
Deceived wolf.
It was in January -
He thought that on the mountain
Decorated Christmas tree.


In the coat, the hat, desegrega
The wiper tube smoked,
And, sitting on the bench,
Janitor snow said:
"You fly or tai?
Nothing will!
Podmates, rusmetali,
Only to no avail sweep!
Yes what I'm saying?
Sit down Yes I'll smoke".
The wiper tube smokes, smokes...
And eyes from snow narrows his,
And sighs and yawns,
And suddenly falls asleep.
Look, Manya... " shouted Ivan.
See the Scarecrow sits
And the eyes-the embers
To broom your looks.
This kind of snow grandmother,
Or simply Santa Claus,
Well give him a cap,
Yes grab him by the nose!"
And it will growl at you!
As the foot starts rattling!
How would leap from the bench,
Yes in Russian cry:
"Will you till frost -
How to grab me by the nose!"


The fields, forests,
Between the trunks of the birches
To us on a Troika with bells
Riding Santa Claus.
Going at a trot and canter
Knowing that is
Straight secret routes
For people New year.
The snow was enveloped in a soft wool
Sprigs of birch...
Red-cheeked, bearded
Riding Santa Claus.


For Blizzard, Blizzard
Heard the creak of the sleigh,
Two bears under the arc
Rush all the faster.
And in a sleigh with a bag in his arms -
Rides in the country club
Grandfather Frost. Sable hat,
Squirrel coat.
In the bag are toys:
Cubes, balls, firecrackers,
Merry Parsley,
Monkeys, aircraft
And fearless pilots.
On the way out hares,
Each had issue: -
Yes where is it, brothers,
Racing Santa Claus?
...Oh, and silly animals,
Ah, the forest people!
Santa Claus in a hurry to guys
Tomorrow the New year!


Santa Claus in a hurry for the holiday
In the red coat in the boots.
He brings gifts
For little kids.
Petence - ball,
The he - book
And the girl Katenka -
Not a simple backpack -
Opens the flank,
And inside sits a cold
North snegovik.


For the New year, as in a fairy tale,
Full of wonders.
Hurry on the train tree,
Leaving winter forest.
And the stars Shine bright
And dance.
New year, New year,
Under the New, New year!
Smeshinki as snowflakes
All night flying, flying.
And songs everywhere
Fun sound.
Whistling wind,
Blizzard sings
New year, New year,
Under the New, New year!


Santa Claus paper
And gray, and important,
With a beard and a bag,
With a wooden stick...
A year on the mezzanine
He lay in the dust, in captivity.
And now he stands on the chair
He's under the tree, in the guard -
Waiting for the New year.
- Quiet! Do you hear? Goes!


Goodbye, goodbye,
Dear Santa Claus,
You've kept promises,
So much joy brought.
Promise, promise,
As soon as old enough,
Again in guests to visit again
This Christmas tree will come.
We remember, we remember
Our wonderful dance,
Our songs, our dances,
Our wonderful New Year!
Goodbye, goodbye,
Cute Santa Claus.
You've kept promises,
So much joy has brought!


Winds wind white bird,
Excites snow-snow.
He's in my window knocking:
"Happy new year, my friend!"
To us in the green robe
A guest from forest came,
Noisy animals the meeting
Behind him led.
Here she is with green bangs,
Christmas tree in our house Christmas tree
So is the New year!
In every house he brings light,
He gifts - who!
Those gifts presents
With quip Santa Claus.
Fun to sing, play,
We now grieve not!
All his friends will congratulate: -
Happy New year, friends!


In the yard we have in winter
Baba snow was
And the broom in front of him,
As the gun she was holding.
But spring came And then...
Baba snow settled.
Brooks running around -
There is no them,
What fell head
Hands calmly sank
And the sad words
With white-white lips slid:
"Good - bye, friends!
You future is in winter,
Believe, will meet again I
To leave again in the spring...


Who walked in the snow?
Guess me on the trail!
Each snow bird trail
Was holding a secret.
Here treasongate forks -
This pigeon was gone.
Fine lines string -
It jumped tit.
Each snow bird trail
Told me his secret.


White-white is the land.
As if smeared with chalk
Forests and grasslands, and fields.
He remained under snow white.
Field fell asleep. Until spring
Snooze workers tired.
See what they dreams
Under the warm cotton blanket?
And the sun seemed to relax
Decided this time of year:
Rise, take your short path
And again leaves the sky.
And the winds come for your:
They are over the steppe howl,
They mercilessly with her
Service white tear.
She lies helplessly -
Earth, chilled the hell out.
And the sun from a height of looks,
Nothing earth can not help.
And yet winter is not forever!
The man: cares
Even in such cold
Summer thinks works.
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