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03/03/2011 Results family starts at the recreation Lake Tsimlyansk"

Skis without exaggeration, be called the most favorite sport in Tyumen families. First and foremost, the opportunity to go to the nature, enjoy the fresh air surrounded by pleasant company. Every year the number of family teams participating in ski competitions, becoming more and more. Last Saturday, February 26 at the recreation Lake Tsimlyansk" within the traditional Week of health was held ski race "happy family".

The opening ceremony began with a welcome speech. Addressed the head of the Department of sports and youth policy of the Administration of Tyumen Svetlana Ivanova. Svetlana Vladimirovna thanked all the participants for their commitment to tradition to participate in sports and fitness competitions and wished this day Tyumen families an easy victory.

The program ski race, which has already become traditional, included the fun starts for the kids, ski races for mums and dads. The first start took the Pope. Started by five people. The longest view of ski racing - race 1000 meters - fastest overcame the young father Agafonov Andrey Georgievich, leading from the first seconds and showed a good result - 4:31 minutes His opponent became Pope borowinski Konstantin Albertovich, showing a good time, but in the end, the runner - 5:46 min Bronze medal was Shipachev Sergey Vladimirovich - 6:07 minutes

In a dispute over first place in the ski race at 500 meters among moms - to the finish line first was the mother Trifonov Oksana Sergeevna - 2:10 minutes the Second place was taken by Larchikov Lyudmila Sergeevna - 3:17 min Third place was shared by two participants - mothers: Borovinskaya Alexandra Yurievna and Korostyleva Lily A. - 3:19 minutes respectively. In the framework of ski races were held and the fun starts for most young athletes.

In a solemn ceremony the head of Usin Svetlana Ivanov and head of the Department for youth policy of Usin Sobrinski Andrey presented to all the participants ski race "happy family" awards Management for sport and youth policy of the Administration of Tyumen. The winners were awarded special prizes. The festive atmosphere at the competition was accompanied by performances of creative collectives of the youth center "Avangard".

In total, to take part in the ski race "happy family" volunteered 33 families in age from 21 to 51 years of secondary educational institutions of the city of Tyumen and the Tyumen organizations of different ownership forms. The organizers of the competition Directorate of sports and youth policy of the Administration of Tyumen, MAOU DOD youth center "Avangard".

For more information tel: 41-00-45, 8-906-824-55-10.

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