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21/03/2012 news Fund "planet of talents"

Dear readers, creative journey that makes "planet of talents" across the expanses of Russia this year passed its equator. Recall that this Fund for support and development of children's creativity, organizing festivals and contests in all major cities of our country. In February, the travelers had made several stops in Ufa, Samara, Chelyabinsk and Omsk. Every week in different parts of Russia flashed stars young talents. Each stop had its own color and flavor. Bashkir scale, Volga refinement, Siberian severity, but at the same time responsiveness accompanied by more than 10,000 people in the February marathon. Our journey was joined by great professionals - professors from the best art schools in Moscow.

Listened to young talents and guided on the path of further development of such people as Honored art worker of the Russian Federation, rector of the Gnessins them. Ippolitov-Ivanov, artistic Director and chief conductor of the Moscow youth chamber orchestra, soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic, Professor Crow Valery Iosifovich, Professor of guitar class FRAMES them. Gnesinyh, honored artist of the Russian Federation, one of the world's best performers on the guitar Samoletov Nikolai Andreevich, as well as doctor of arts, honored artist of Russia, academician, singer-accordionist, composer, Professor of the Department of folk instruments of the Russian Academy of music named. Sounds Kanicki Kadets.

It is part of such satellites makes the journey is not a simple tour of the remarkable Russian cities, and benefits. Besides the fact that the jury members help to find the correct direction for the development, they are also invited to continue their education in the best Universities of Moscow, those who have already reached a very high level. More than 50 young men and women had received such requests.

I'm pleased to say that the long winter journey "planet of talents" this year will end on the warm South. In the boarding house under Tuapse will be eight festival shifts, where the guys after work, will be able not only to participate in the international competition "Splash talents", held at the famous space camp "Orlyonok", but also to spend time at sea, chat and make friends with young talents from all over the country. When the usual work becomes leisure, becomes bright colors cheerful company and the sea, is an amazing feeling, giving a boost of energy for the whole year.

Every year on these changes necessarily occur events that remain in the heart forever.

Come for the experience of a lifetime. It will be fun!

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