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Autonomous institution of social servicing of the population of the Tyumen oblast Social and rehabilitation center for minors "Consent" of the city of Ishim" 15 years!

June 28, 1994 in the city of Ishim was the centre of social rehabilitation of children and adolescents "Consent", has acquired the status of a regional basic institutions of social development Department of the Tyumen region and provide methodological support of the social service agencies of the population of Abatskogo, Aromassage, Vikulovskie, Kazan, Sorokin, Sladkovsky, Ishim district and the city of Ishim, hospitably opened its doors to children left without parental care and placed in a difficult situation, in may 1995.

15. A lot or a little? If for a person 15 years - the beginning of the journey, the period of preparation for adult independent living, for institutions is an important age, it is an invaluable experience, well-coordinated team of professionals, time-tested partnership, thousands of children and families overcome the crisis with the help of a specialist rehabilitation Centre.

Not so easy to work in the social sphere. Have to deal with human problems, human grief, children's tears. Social services does not attract people looking for easy money. Salaries here are modest, and the heart and soul have to invest a lot, to seek solutions to human problems, sometimes forgetting about their own.. Random people can not stand to leave. But those that remain are worth a lot. Thanks to their efforts Center celebrates anniversary date.

It seems that recently took in their hands, organized the work of a very young institution's first Director of social rehabilitation center for minors "Consent" K. Anokhin, is an experienced teacher and a wise head, which for 12 years, together with the Deputy for social rehabilitation work Venison E, Methodist Belchikov L. F., and well-selected team held a high standard in the work, deciding to set before the institution of the task.

And this figure is still high. And supports it at this level, without exaggeration, the whole team. Priority directions of activity of the institutions today are: o families from crisis situations and keeping children in their biological family, socio-pedagogical and educational support for foster families, providing methodological and Advisory support to professionals in the institutions of social services supervised areas.

Today the structure of the institution is composed of five departments: admissions, Department of realization of programs of social rehabilitation, the Department of day care for minors with disabilities, Department of socio-psychological and legal assistance, Department of analytical and methodological work.

Minors, first appeared in the Centre, welcomed by caring hands staff in the admissions Department. Their share often falls a difficult task: to find in the pile of dirty rags, unkempt hair, scabs and insects of the child, to bring him in divine form, to teach the basic rules of hygiene, cure numerous bodily illness (mental health later engaged a psychologist). This separation begins to return to childhood. The first timid smile Renaissance to the normal life of the ward they see, the admissions staff: head Malysheva N.E., specialist in social work Ivanov O.V., paramedics Reshetnikova Mrs x, Prudnikova O.V., Gusakova NV, massage therapist, Semenov D., datestr Nikulin G.A., social worker Larionov T.V., hairdresser Shushakov L.A.

The Department of implementation of programs of social rehabilitation, where the admissions Department receives a minor, there is the opening of the Center. Here are the children left without parental care who are in difficult life situations, who have nowhere to go - no home, parents or parental care leads them to the threshold of the Center. Once state the word "refuge" in him was replaced with a more warm and homey "Comfort". It remained this word in use among the staff of the Centre: "children "Comfort", "educators "Comfort", "event "Comfort". Now in the "Comfort" three groups of pupils, divided by age criteria: Junior, middle and senior. Under the leadership of Melnikova GN. for many years, working with underprivileged children, replace someone other, who is the mother and father, educators Department Plaksina, NV, Bazhenov N.N., 'tseva L.L., Dracheva ACTING, Govorova A.P., Ibraeva R.S., Klimova N.V., Nesterov S.A., Malakhov L.V., arrange the fate of the child social workers Eliseeva O.V., Smolnikova E.N. Teaches kids to do useful with their own hands the instructor work of S.M. Cahill; organize leisure time and joined with an excellent teacher-organizer Gruzdkov E.E. and musical Director of Wolkowitz E.V.; strong and agile helps to become instructor in physical culture Kryakvin S.E., and comfort in the "Comfort" support social workers Gundobina S.A., Semenenko GA, Polezhaeva S. Kaliev

No less care and warmth get "special" children and their parents - useful tips from the staff of day care for children with disabilities. Having a great experience with these guys, spare no effort, achieving positive dynamics: teachers Diez M.G., I. Shalimova, social worker Savkin SV AND how much effort is put specialists in rehabilitation: exercise physiologist Semenov O.A., speech therapist Mirgorodskaya, E., instructor labour Tretyakov, A.V., to achieve at least a small positive result. Parents of special needs children see this result and seek to enroll children in rehabilitation again.

In constant search of new methods, forms of work and head of Department - Abilmazhinova GN. In the data Bank of the Department is not only all the "special" children, Ishim, and nearby areas. Pleasure happens to be the staff, when on the street they call the children who stayed on rehabilitation, and their parents. Come, greet, thank, sometimes asked to advise on relevant issues. Working with special needs children is a long process and very difficult. A lot of effort and patience you have to invest and parents and staff of the Centre, for the sake of a tiny result.

No child in the Center does not remain without attention of the Department of socio-psychological and legal assistance. So it turns out that in order to restore the physical health of the child, it is necessary to treat first of his soul, and often to improve mental health, set to positive his parents. Find the way out of the intricate mazes of psychology, dry baby tears, smooth disturbing wrinkles on the faces of adults connoisseurs of the souls of men, and children, and adults, is head of the Department D., Smirnova, teachers, psychologists Dugaev IV, Barabanova M.A., Oncina T.A. their quiet, sympathetic voice I hear clients, calling on the phone "Trust" or seeking a qualified psychological help through the Internet on the website

Department of analytical and methodological work is relatively young in the Centre - he is only two years, but it has already gained credibility in supervised areas. Work in the Department competent, responsible professionals. Keeping a finger on the pulse of time, they maintain constant communication with the territories, write programs, develops technologies, prepare reports, make analysis on the results of supervised institutions, organize internship sites and seminars, teach innovative technologies, always know what, where, how, when and why, head of the Department V.P. Kozlov, experts Samociuk PM, Meshcheryakova, Y.M., Kazakova O.S, Mashoshina NV, Photina I.N., Methodist NICHOLAS Afanasiev, dressing gowns O.V., programmer Larionov V.O. Specifics of their work and the status of the Centre as a regional base institution does not allow to relax for a minute, requires to always be "on the crest of a wave".

Every institution has its own "face". People judge him on cleanliness and order in the classrooms, proper operation of all communications on the livability of the adjacent territory. Dirt and disorder is unlikely to cause public confidence in this institution.

Successful in this respect "Consent": clean and comfortable in it, pupils dressed neatly, order reigns in the yard: clean and green in summer, and promptly removed the snow in winter, it is nice to walk at any time of the year along the asphalted paths, admire the beauty of lawns, flower beds or sit on comfortable benches. All this comfort is created and carefully stored - merit employees of the business. Under the supervision of the Deputy Director of the Ahram Urgencias L.A., wash, wash, repair, deliver people and property, protect: Castellana Belonogov M.V., machinist washing and repairing clothes Krupnova, NV, cleaners, office and production premises Kuzovlev L.A., Grigorova NI, janitor Belozerov EJ, drivers Sedakov J.V., Erzin AU, watchmen-watchmen Timofeeva SO, Kamyshan N.N., Pakhtusov VG, Markov Y.S. No wonder they say: "a Child learns what he sees at home." But not all children are lucky to live in a clean, warm, cozy house. How to be a real house, not in words but in deeds, show the children the staff of the Center.

Any minors brought to the Center in the first place trying to feed. Children, whose share fell half-starved childhood, is not uncommon.

Dining room in the Center is a large, bright, modern. Nicely in this dining room to reinforce the body with calories. And the catering staff put part of his soul in cooking. This chef Kosmacheva E.A., cook Larionov OG, Permyakova TL, storekeeper Dmitrienko S.A., kitchen workers Belisheva I.A., SV Kulikov Very quickly in children is no longer necessary to hide the bread "in reserve". Fed here often and satisfying. No institution in the world can do without administrative departments: it provides the coordinated work of the whole team. Who but the accounting staff will successfully reduce the debit to credit, will pay a long-awaited salary? And this is only a small part of their duties.

Steadily guided in the world of Finance chief accountant Valkova O.S, economist Baturin Y.S., accountants Telyatnikova L.V., Y.V. Shumskaya

Not to count all the cases with which during the working day copes specialist personnel, Moskalenko L.V. Professional with a capital letter, it is reliable and responsible, do it right, and on time. Sometimes it seems that it's not human, and many-armed goddess Shiva with great human heart. During the time that it is in the Centre, and this is actually the age of the institution itself, through her hands was more than one hundred personal Affairs, through the heart - as many human lives.

Coordinates the work of all departments Deputy Director for organizational and methodical work Nagisawa L.A., is coming to the team just a year ago, she was immediately involved in the work, becoming the right hand of the Director.

And, of course, it is impossible to imagine without its present Director Makarova IA, which is a type of modern leader - energetic and extraordinary, full of creative ideas and grandiose plans. Under its early employees learn the latest technology, a lot to learn, so on the qualifications of experts and technical equipment of the Centre is not inferior to other modern institutions. In the office of Irina Alexeevna in a conspicuous place in the framework of commendation and appreciation from various departments proud of the whole team, because any of them has a piece of work of each employee.

It is difficult to list in one article all you have done and continue to do for children and families, the staff of the rehabilitation centre. We improve our work, offering the population of new services, and on our laurels, we don't stop. In the jubilee year, the center has experienced yet another reorganization through merger Ishim specialized children's home. Now our concern covered almost all the children who need help - from 0 to 18 years.

We know that those people who recently came to work in our institution, people are not random. And to do one common thing - to return to the children's childhood - together we will be much easier.

Thank you, dear employees, those who worked once, it works now or went on a vacation, for work of a conscientious and hard, hot restless heart and kind soul, because while you're there, disadvantaged children there is hope for a happy childhood.

Happy birthday to the Center! Afloat, despite all the economic storms and worldly adversity, and let's all hope that the road ahead is only the best!

NV Mashoshina,
specialist BUREAU SLEEP "Social rehabilitation center
for minors "Consent"
the city of Ishim"
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