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09.06.09 About the closure of the regional social action "give a day"

In the international children's day on 1 June 2009 at 11.00 a.m. at the recreation center "Upper Bor (, Tyumen, Salair mountain highway, 11 km), a festive event dedicated to the closure of the regional social action "give a day". It was attended by more than 70 families of the Tyumen region, took part in the action: they sculpted paintings from salt dough, made films for the family, wrote poetry, painted postcards, made albums, etc.

The winners at the event were awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes:

  • I place - family Hamidullah (Yalutorovsk district) - a certificate for the purchase of tourist vouchers in the amount of 60 thousand rubles
  • II place - the family Rejepovich (Kazan district) - a certificate for the purchase of tourist vouchers in the amount of 45 thousand rubles
  • III place - the family Galecki (, Tyumen) - certificate on purchase travel packages in the amount of 30 thousand rubles

Were also named winners in 7 categories, including "The strong family", "the Most active family", "The happy family", "The creative family", and others. They also received certificates for the purchase of travel packages (each certificate in the amount of 15 thousand rubles).

In addition, 3 families received special prizes from sponsors: 15 thousand rubles - from Tyumen branch of JSC "Insurance company "Ugoria " honey"; the right to free professional family photography from photo Nadezhda Chizhova; a large soft toy is from the website "Your child. ru". 9 families received prizes from the company "Doublegis - Tyumen": invitations to the cinema.

The event was held a festive concert - dancing and singing groups, contests, children's entertainment venues (rock climbing, Hiking trail, loučná crossbow shooting and so on). During the festival all families to magliochetti in a professional photo shoot.


Regional social action "give a day" was launched on 1 June 2008 in the framework of the Year of the family. The organizers are the Department of social development of the Tyumen region, THE AU DPO Regional Family center. The campaign was conducted with the aim of creating a positive image of the family, the promotion of child-parent relationship.

Sponsors of the campaign: the Studio Hopes Chizhova, Tyumen regional branch of all-Russian public Fund "Russian children's Fund". Charity support: JSC "Insurance company "Yugoria-Med. Media sponsors: the electronic directory of the city "Doublegis", "Your child. ru". The sponsors of the event: JSC "recreation "Upper Bor", ANO "Mercy", LLC "Nimac", the Glory of the soldiers.

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