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10.03.09 Invite You and members of Your organization to participate in seminars, trainings, master - classes

Autonomous institution of Tyumen region of additional professional education and development of social technologies "Family" - is a dynamically developing institution on the market of short-term training, organizing and conducting seminars and trainings in the region.

We invite You and members of Your organization to participate in seminars, trainings, master - classes on the following topics:

I. professional development Courses for teachers (volume refresher courses 72 hours issued the certificate of the state sample, short term courses - certificate of participation):

  • "Ecology professional teacher interactions"
  • "Deviant behavior: prevention and correction"
  • "Psychological aspects of public speaking"
  • "Organization and content of parent-teacher meetings (class teachers)
  • "An effective teacher: who is he?"
  • "Development of stress resistance at the teacher"
  • "Prevention professional deformations of the teacher"
  • "Conflictological competence"
  • Training the development of their professional identity

II. Training of parental competence (up to 40 hours):

  • "I and my child: the search for understanding"
  • "The formation and development of responsibility, confidence and independence in children and adolescents"
  • "The education of his son from the boy to a confident man" (the special role of mother and father)
  • "The education of daughters: from girls to happy woman" (the special role of mother and father)
  • "Constructive conflict resolution with the child"
  • "The causes of a child's jealousy and rivalry: their prevention and correction"
  • "Conflict-free secrets of discipline"

All proposed topics can be seen in various age categories (children, Junior high school students, teenagers, young adults).

III. Trainings, mini-trainings, cool watches for teenagers (since 5th grade):

  • "How in this world to be heard"
  • "Dealing with conflict"
  • "The perils and pleasures of adolescence"
  • "Your relationship with parents: how to understand and to be understood?"
  • "Responsibility as the basis of sexual culture" (separately for boys and girls)
  • "I feel one" (for girls)
  • "I have one" (for boys)
  • "Who will take care of you better than yourself?"
  • Training of confident behavior: "All in your hands"

IV. Individual and family counseling for difficulties in parent-child and marital relationships, as well as individual and group counseling on professional difficulty.

Classes are conducted by the candidate of psychological Sciences, associate Professor of developmental and educational psychology, Institute of psychology, pedagogy and social management of the Tyumen State University Maltsev Olga.

Training can take place on the basis of Your institution, and on the basis of THE AU LSD "Regional center "Family".

Contact person: Petrova Olga Nikolaevna, tel: (3452) 20-16-74,


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