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11.11.08 changes in the Rules of application for the grant of a certificate for the mother (family) capital

Recall that the maternity (family) capital introduced in Russia from January 2007 to support families with children. It can be received at birth (adoption) after January 1, 2007 the second (subsequent) child.

The amount of the MSC periodically indexed to inflation and is currently 276 250 rubles.

To use the tools of MSC will be possible after the child reaches three years of age by sending a means to improve housing conditions, education of any child or children in the family or accumulation of catsi labor pension to the mother.

By the decree of the RF Government dated 22.09.2008 No. 709 changes in the rules of application for the issuance of a state certificate for the mother (family) capital (MSC), which entered into force on 9 October 2008.

1. To date, the application for issue of certificate on MSK women had to submit to the bodies of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation personally or through their legal representatives (according to the Civil code of the Russian Federation this group of persons is limited). Now this can be done through the Trustee, who may be any person, not just relative. For this purpose it is necessary to formally issue a power of attorney by a notary.

2. The second change concerns the place of application. Up to the present time it can be served only at the place of registration, now the application may be filed at the place of actual residence (if there is no registration at the place of residence or stay).

3. The third relates to methods of filing. The new rules allow direct application to the authorities of the FIU in the mail. In this case, copies of the attached documents and the authenticity of the signatures on the application must be certified by a notary. Send the documents by post should be a way to confirm the fact and date of departure (for example, by registered letter with notification).

4. To obtain the state certificate on the MSC can not only personally in the bodies of the FIU, and by mail (this is true for residents of remote communities and for those who live abroad).

Applications for issue of certificate on the MSC accepted in the Client services Departments FIU by place of residence.

Information offices of the Pension Fund of Russia for Tyumen region telephone "Hot line" 46-32-90

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