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18.11.08 all-Russian Forum of rest and recovery of the population

From 9 to 13 December 2008 in the city of Tyumen on the initiative of the Interregional public organization "Promoting children's activities and with the support of the Committee on women, family and children will be held all-Russian Forum of rest and recovery of the population. This event will be held for the purpose of exchange of experience between regions. The forum will allow not only to determine the level of development of system of rest and recreation of children in the Russian Federation, but also will attract the attention of the public, business and government to the problems of organizing and managing the activities of the health institutions in General.

The Forum is organized by the Government of the Tyumen region, the Department of social development Department of sports and youth policy of the Tyumen region, interregional public organization "Promoting children's holiday", the Association of organizers of the recreation and health of the population of the Tyumen region "We are together". The Forum will be attended by representatives of the Committee on women, family and children of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, representatives of Executive authorities of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, the organizers of the children of subjects of the Russian Federation, the specialists of the regional offices of public organizations of Russia, dealing with rest and recreation of children, representatives of the International Union camps: Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkey, USA.

On the Forum it is planned to discuss the following questions:

1. The development of the industry of rest and recovery of the population, as an important component of human development.

2. State approach to the conservation and development of the industry of rest and recuperation.

3. The formation of the regulatory framework at the Federal level. The approaches of the State Duma to the formation of the legislative base of the industry.

4. Interagency cooperation in the organization, control, effectiveness, efficiency, recreation and health improvement.

5. Innovative approaches for the prevention of child neglect and juvenile delinquency in the Tyumen region.

6. The development of low-cost forms of rest and recovery, results, effectiveness. Tyumen experience.

7. Youth and student activities.

8. The nature and structure of the multilevel system of youth and children's specialized camps.

9. Approaches to pricing vouchers, effective forms of cooperation with employers.

10. Scientific support branch of rest and recuperation. The experience of the Novosibirsk region.

11. Scientific and methodological support of the industry. Innovations in management and software health educational process industry recreation and health improvement.

12. The international community camps: the exchange of experience, cooperation.

13. The role of public organizations in the activities of the institutions of rest and recuperation.

Contact phone numbers of the Coordinators of the project:

Mortgage Lyudmila Konstantinovna - 59-32-27

-Miheeva Inga V. - 46-92-68.

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