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22.07.09 for the First time in the Tyumen region created a student group for orphans

Regional youth squad of work and rest is a form of organization of students of educational institutions of primary and secondary professional education, voluntarily willing to spare time to work in various industries and relax in a friendly close-knit team.

The significance of the creation of such units is very high: it is not only the organization of youth employment from among children-orphans and children left without parental care, but also the development of such children communication skills and their social adaptation, as well as support and development of the traditions of the youth squad movement.

The first such group started its activities in year Tobolsk July 1, and will change on July 30. It includes 59 people. To get into the squad could everyone on time submitted to the heads of educational institutions of the application and have no medical contraindications for employment.

In July, student teams are based in vocational school № 14 and vocational school № 2. In order to make it easier to supervise children, they were divided into 5 teams, headed by supervisors, was also appointed commander of the student group. Students were made aware of their rights and responsibilities. Also with them was the instruction on labor protection and fire safety.

Life in the troop is organized by the routine: before lunch the young people employed at workplaces, and in the afternoon participate in the activities of the squad.

Working time is 4 hours. Working students in different fields: improvement of the city, and the operators PC, and yard counselors, and employment in the Studio. Wages for the month from 4 thousand rubles.

In his free time living in the squad is very rich in events. In addition, children participate in daily meetings where elected governing bodies and discuss current issues, they developed a plan of activities. So, young people took part in tours, Tobolsk and got acquainted with the history of the spiritual capital of Siberia, visited the "Tobolsk house of the Governor", the garden of the Yermak landslide cemetery (burial place of the Decembrists). Every day organized various competitions: football, volleyball, pioneer ball, table tennis, badminton, chess, which resulted in the best and most active participants will be awarded prizes. The children participate in various games, competitions, camp fire and discos. At the end of July will be one of the main competitions "Miss and Mister change".

The second shift will begin work on August 1, in the Wellness center "Olympus" Tobolsk district. To get on the second shift, the statements already filed 33 students, but the applications have not yet finished.

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